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Network Operations Management (NOM)

Optimize your evolving network.

OpenText™ Network Operations Management is comprehensive, enterprise-ready network management software.  With its integrated monitoring, configuration, and compliance on a unified platform, you gain unparalleled network control.

Topology, Health, and Configuration

Work smarter. Span silos.

Gain a complete, accurate view of your dynamic network—across technology silos—with high-speed spiral discovery. Integrated device configuration data enables rapid troubleshooting and resolution.

Work smarter. Span silos.
Quickly resolve common data center incidents using built-in workflows.
Work smarter. Span silos.
Cut incident volumes by 50% with out-of-the-box causal analysis of network faults.


Performance plus Traffic and Capacity

Broader, deeper monitoring.

Holistically track network performance, quality, and traffic to effectively diagnose issues and plan upgrades expansions.

Get alerts about interface and device issues before degradation of network performance occurs.
Use traffic monitoring to understand patterns and the distribution of application traffic across the network.


Automation and Orchestration

Power up productivity.

Automate and orchestrate critical processes—such as the remediation of security risks or network configuration—at high speed, in real time.

Choose from ready-made workflows that capture network diagnostics, detect device-reported network issues and more.
Support automatic remediation with integrated security and compliance content.



Additional Features

Single View for SDN, Virtual, and Physical Networks

Manage your network from a single view rather than using disparate vendor tools.

Risk Dashboards

See incidents, security vulnerabilities, and compliance risks in real time.

Enterprise Scalability and Device Support

Leverage product support for 80K monitoring devices, 120K configuration devices, 3,400 network devices, and 180 vendors.

Customer Success

Our customers do more.

  • “This project gave me a renewed appreciation for the value of OpenText software as products that can be implemented with confidence in a large-scale system environment.”

    Tomoaki Kagiwada
    Information infrastructure Section Chief
    Nomura Securities
  • “Having one solution in network management that can manage fault, performance, configuration and compliance means we don’t have to spend time and budget to train staff on multiple tools.”

    Jürgen Bühn
    Network Management


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