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PCI compliance and end-to-end payments security

Securing PCI data helps revenues take off

To keep passengers’ credit card data protected, this airline deployed Voltage SecureData and its powerful encryption and stateless tokenization technologies— with a surprising additional benefit.

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End-to-end data-centric security
SecureData neutralizes data breaches across the data lifecycle, securing data whether it is at-rest, in-motion or in-use, by embedding protection in the data itself.
PCI compliance and scope reduction
Enables PCI compliance and potentially significant PCI audit scope and cost reduction by removing live card data from the payment stream.
Cloud secure
Omni-channel data protection
Secures sensitive data end-to-end on mobile, web, terminals and host, helping retailers reduce fraud at every customer touch point.
Mobile Payments Security
Mobile Payments Security

SecureData Mobile provides security at data capture on the mobile endpoint, enabling end-to-end sensitive data protection from the native mobile iOS / Android applications through the entire payment data.

Mobile Security
Ecommerce Security
Ecommerce Security

SecureData Web protects payment data captured at the browser, from the point the customer enters their cardholder information or personal data, and keeps it protected all the way through the web, the application, cloud infrastructure, and upstream IT systems and networks to the trusted host destination.

Ecommerce Security
Secure Payments Software
Secure Payments Software
SecureData Payments provides complete point-to-point encryption and tokenization for merchants and processors. SecureData Payments secures payment card data from Point-of-Sale terminals and pin-pads on merchant locations, all the way to host systems, reducing PCI audit scope.
Payments Software
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