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Open Enterprise Server

Secure file, print, network, and storage management.


Open Enterprise Server (OES) securely delivers file, print, network, and storage management services.  It combines the power of Linux for enterprise workloads with workgroup specialization to save money and enhance productivity.

Hybrid Cloud Solution

Manage data anywhere.

Manage your data on-premises or in the cloud without breaking access and rights control.

Complete Discovery
Orchestrate the movement of data to and from any S3-compatible cloud seamlessly.
Complete Discovery
Seamless migration from DST with minimal or no downtime.


Heterogeneous Storage

Manage your diverse data.

Manage rights and provide access to users in any of the eDirectory, Active Directory, or Azure Active Directory systems.

Manage data intelligently and flexibly, while reducing your total cost of ownership.


Remote Work

Secure file sharing.

Enhanced remote worker experience with SMB2 File and Directory Leases. Access data anywhere on any device for secure file sharing with Filr.

Support the devices your users bring to work including iOS, Android, and Windows.
Improve productivity with world-class collaboration and highly interactive teaming.


Additional Features

Cross-Platform Printing

Enable file and print access to your users and devices on Azure, on any device.

DST Migration

Migrate DST to cloud using an efficient two-step transfer.

Environment Protection

Protect your entire environment with multifactor authentication, TLS1.2, and secure boot

Customer Success

Our customers do more.


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