Operation Bridge Analytics

IT Operations Analytics (ITOA)

Multi-cloud event and performance monitoring software – correlates events, and automates tasks to reduce MTTR

Advanced machine learning

Gain a complete view of your IT operations analysis by leveraging all of your data, both structured and unstructured including: events, logs, topology, and any metric.

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Predictive analytics

Machine learning algorithms automatically calculate baselines taking into account data patterns and seasonality to predict future performance.

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Anomaly alerting

Help prevent IT issues from impacting end-users with real-time, intuitive alerts that notifies when performance exceeds baseline.

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Root cause analysis

Identify trends and pinpoint IT issues in minutes with Time Machine data playback and clear, intuitive dashboards.

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Log and event analytics

Automated analysis across known and unknown data filters out noise, determines relevant clusters, and analyzes text to identify abnormal behavior.

Search and index

Collect, search, and index millions of data fields in real-time with built-in intelligence.

Micro Focus Operations Analytics provides SMEs the ability to reduce the amount of time spent troubleshooting problems. With OpsA, we can identify a problem in a few minutes instead of days.

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