Operations Orchestration

Power your IT process automation. Orchestrate end-to-end IT processes with outstanding agility.

Rich out-of-the-box content

Choose from 1000s of ready-made operations and workflows for multiple uses – from cloud orchestration to server provisioning, self-healing incident remediation, disaster recovery, and more.

Screen gear
Easy-to-use workflow designer

Create, customize, and debug workflows graphically in a web-based, drag-and-wire interface. Seamless GIT integration makes collaborative authoring between multiple designers possible.

Powerful orchestration engine

Run, schedule, and monitor IT processes at enterprise scale. From a central dashboard, manage flows and IT user privileges, view workflow history, and measure ROI with a built-in calculator.

Open and extensible platform

Achieve integrations with rich out-of-the-box content, Python-based operations, and wizards for REST, Shell, PowerShell, and Web Services. Invoke OO from almost anywhere with REST APIs.

Block based replication
Secure, high-availability architecture

Deliver secure IT services 24x7. Control workflow access with Role-Based Access Control. Deploy multiple orchestration engines and configure a load balancer to meet production needs.

Automatically Deploy Operation Orchestration on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud with Quick Start

Deploy in twenty minutes using AWS security and high availability best practices.

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