Quality Center Enterprise (QC)

Quality Management Software

Manage software testing and IT quality management with consistent processes to deploy applications faster with confidence.

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Test and defect management

Improve quality management by using consistent, repeatable software testing processes. Track release progress and quality to foster collaboration and visibility.

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QC synchronizer

Integrate software quality assurance and testing to simplify test management across multiple tools and projects for reduced cost and increased quality.

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Developer collaboration

QC Enterprise supports working in common integrated development environments (IDE) for linking tasks, requirements, and defects. Developer tasks are tracked against the requirements and defects in order to track project progress and evaluate risk. 

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Risk-based test planning

Define, manage, and track all test script types (functional, performance, and security) in one place. Coupled with risk-based test management, stakeholders can assign business risk to requirements and calculate where to apply testing resources. 

Out of the box
Out-of-the-box integrations

Seamlessly work together with Micro Focus UFT to build scripts, Micro Focus BPT to build your test framework, Sprinter to do exploratory testing, and QC Enterprise to manage the artifacts.

Reporting and graphing

QC Enterprise has an integrated dashboard module to centralize quality reporting, so you can make real-time decisions based on application status across projects and QA initiatives.

Interested in Quality Center, but want to access it from Chrome or your Mac?

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