Track versions, history, and relationship impacts with Caliber Author

Define requirements with the ease of working in your preferred format with the additional benefits of a centralized database. Describe requirements using hierarchies and traceability to reflect relationships and priorities.

Capture your requirements visually

Create functional wireframes or simulations to depict requirements. Use storyboards to capture business and process flows using steps, decisions, swimlanes, and actors.

Simulate your future applications

Use wireframing and logic controls to quickly mock-up a working application. Capture application and screen mockups using flows, steps, decisions, screens, and custom logic. Compare any two requirement versions to view the differences.

Improve collaboration with stakeholders

Caliber Review provides an intuitive interface for all stakeholders to view or discuss defined requirements and visualizations. Ensure that requirements are traced and are clear of impacts to previous changes.

Streamline stakeholder approval

Create and maintain baselines until they are locked for signature. Track threaded discussions pertaining to a requirement, scenario, or simulation element. Apply electronic signatures to any baseline that has been locked.

Automatically generate test cases

Use previously created scenarios to automatically generate test cases that cover all unique functional flows throughout the system. Micro Focus Silk Central integrates with Caliber to generate test cases from within the testing tool.

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