ArcSight Analytics

User and Behavior Analytics

ArcSight User Behavior Analytics offers enterprises the ability to monitor and detect from internal and external security threats and fraud.

Retina scan
User and entity behavior-based anomaly detection
Discover unknown or hidden threats based on user and entity behavior
Finger print
Real-time threat detection
Proactively detect zero-day attacks, insider threats, and malware infections in real-time
Gage 3
Reduced false positives
Increase productivity and efficiency by spending less time on faulty intelligence and more time identifying true threats
Threat risk scoring

Prioritize the most suspicious and abnormal activities across users and entities and concentrate on real, high-risk threats to the organization

Out-of-the-box security use cases

Respond to threats intelligently without complex queries or manual customization

How mature are your security operations?

Find out your security maturity level and get proactive tips for improvement by taking a 4-minute, anonymous assessment.

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