Silk Performance Manager

Increase Reliability of the Continuous Delivery Pipeline

Actively monitor user experience in production applications.


Keeping users content and engaged must be an integral part of the software delivery process. Once deployed, staying ahead of performance issues means applications must be continually monitored to validate customer expectations are being met.

  • Proactively manage application service levels from the user perspective with synthetic monitoring
  • Measure application health based on response times, location availability and functional integrity
  • Accelerate production testing and maintain consistency by reusing assets used in pre-production load and functional tests
  • Send automated alerts to service management tools if response times exceed established service levels
  • Uncover the root cause of performance slowdowns or application failures with advanced diagnostics
Synthetic transaction monitoring

Capture the user experience using a dedicated point of presence (POP) to execute synthetic, prerecorded business transactions.

Application health—the user's perspective

Take the user perspective to find your weak spots with tests that use multiple browsers, devices, network bandwidths, and geographic locations to capture diverse configurations.

Window 2
Proactive analysis and resolution

Simulate typical user transactions and verify if third party components function properly using realistic behavior such as logins, filling shopping carts and checkout.

face to face
Monitor user experience across a range of applications

Use Silk Performance Manager to closely monitor live service levels of web, CRM or business applications. Re-use pre-production load tests to create baseline performance references.

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