Powerful, Realistic Load and Stress Testing

Saving milliseconds in the digital customer journey.

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Test Asset reusability for performance monitoring

Silk Performer can considerably speed up testing cycles by allowing you to reuse your existing functional tests. Use Silk Test® or Selenium for performance testing and synthetic monitoring purposes as well.

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Integrated scalability from the Cloud

Silk Performer load testing enables your applications for 'battle readiness' that can withstand massive, global usage. Easily simulate any size peak-load and avoid costly investments in stress testing hardware and setup.

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Monitor user experience with advanced diagnostics

Detect, isolate, and resolve performance issues with effective end-to-end diagnostics. Design scripts to uncover errors from the user’s perspective and analyze results with easy to read visual reporting.

A leading web support for load and stress testing

Validate performance of your most complex web applications and efficiently create comprehensive tests that reflect real world conditions and usage patterns.

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Comprehensive mobile performance testing

Lower the cost and complexity of testing mobile web and mobile native applications at scale. Silk Performer provides a complete set of profiles for all popular mobile devices, application types, and connection speeds.

Case Studies

University of Colorado

Micro Focus® Silk Performer ensures a smooth start to university for 60,000 new and continuing students each year.

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Silk Performer® supports drive for innovation through an integrated continuous testing and delivery cycle.

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Silk Performer supports move to the cloud with robust load balancing and performance testing.

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I believe the browser-driven testing capability is a real key differentiator for Silk Performer. It is certainly helping us in our day-to-day dealings with our customers and their solutions.

Telefónica O2 Business Solutions

See how Silk Performer is the software for consistent user experience

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