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UFT Developer

Shift left for faster delivery.

UFT Developer

This automated shift-left solution helps your developers
perform functional testing. It lets dev testers use their
choice of standard programming languages, integrated
development environments (IDEs), and testing frameworks.


Accelerate delivery.

Our automated solution supports the technology your
developers use every day. That means they can test and
develop at the same time, which helps speed up application


Increases productivity.


Improves collaboration of Agile and DevOps teams.


Open Source Support

Enhance open source frameworks.

Build on existing tests, or create new, robust, and reusable Selenium tests within minutes.

Kickstarts Selenium-based projects with out-of-the-box IDE templates.

Makes identifiers easier to maintain with a Selenium WebDriver API extension.

Test Execution

Test faster and improve code quality.

With UFT Developer, you get object identification tools, parallel testing, and record/replay capabilities.

Creates scripts in minutes with record/replay.

Maintains test objects in the application model.

Additional Features

AI-Driven Testing

Shift-left with intelligence and identify objects visually like humans do.


Improve visibility with detailed descriptions of test execution flow.


Open source, third-party, and Micro Focus integrations boost efficiency.

Awards and Accolades

  • “With UFT Developer, we release higher quality software and deliver new functionality faster and more frequently.”

    Fabrizio Sunna
    Test Automation Business Lead
    Helsana Group
  • “We had 220 test cases that were manually executed against our CRM application, for every new version. Following the introduction of UFT Developer, and our simplified automated testing framework, we have consolidated these into just 46 automated UFT Developer test cases, with exactly the same coverage.”

    Fabrizio Sunna
    Test Automation Business Lead
    Helsana Group
  • “We liked the rich functional coverage in each of the Micro Focus components. But more importantly, we value the end-to-end integration within one toolset”

    Adrian Nelson
    General Manager, Architecture and Project Management


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