Unified Functional Testing (UFT)

Functional Test Automation Software

Intelligent test automation for web, mobile, API, hybrid, RPA, and enterprise apps

Test execution at full-velocity

Burst tests across distributed functional testing infrastructures, parallel execution on web and mobile devices, or trigger tests on a massive scale in the cloud.

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Comprehensive technology stack

Dominate the tide of technologies with 40+ apps and environments, including web, ERP, rich-client, mainframes, development tools, and more.

Visual-based design

Keep up with unpredictable UI changes by learning objects like humans do—through image-based Insight, visual anchors, and embedded OCR (ABBYY, Google).

DevOps ready

Leverage a broad ecosystem of integrations—from source control tools (Git, SVN) to CI/CD tools (Jenkins, Bamboo, TFS, VSTS).

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True cross-browser coverage

Script once and replay all tests across the leading browsers and browser versions, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE, and Edge.

Open architecture

Harness UFT’s add-in extensibility to recognize third-party and custom controls without spending extra money on Professional Services.

Delivering success for UFT customers worldwide.

See how Unified Functional Testing (UFT) helps companies significantly reduce the time, complexity and cost of functional testing while driving continuous quality and improving time-to-value.


Try Unified Functional Testing for free

Try the complete set of UFT features for application automated software testing across browsers, mobile platforms, APIs, ERP applications and other desktop technologies.

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