ZENworks Configuration Management

Unified Endpoint Management

Enterprise client and mobility management that simplifies IT processes and boosts user productivity.

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Automate and accelerate your Windows 10 migration

Micro Focus ZENworks Configuration Management is ready to dramatically accelerate and automate every aspect of your Windows 10 migration efforts.

Accelerate success
Boosts user productivity

Use ZENworks Configuration Management to make sure users always have access to the resources they need, regardless of where they work or what devices they use.

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Simplify IT effort

Automatically enforce policies and resources with identity-based management of users and devices.

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Increased freedom to choose

Manage the lifecycles of all your current and future assets with full support for Windows and Linux systems, NetIQ® eDirectory, Active Directory, and more.

Our Customers

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etty hillesum lyceum

The Novell [now a part of Micro Focus] solution will allow us to store and handle information more securely and effectively, resulting in higher safety and cost efficiency. This frees up more money that can be spent on actual patient care, which is what really matters in the end.

Eppe Wolfis—IT MANAGER

See how ZENworks Configuration Management can meet your device needs

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