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ZENworks Patch Management


ZENworks Patch Management

Patching for Windows, Mac and Linux endpoints

With ZENworks Patch Management, you can take control of all your Windows, Mac and Linux patch management efforts from a single, unified console, meaning you spend less time testing.


Custom patch support

With Micro Focus ZENworks Patch Management you can create your own customized patches and still benefit from automated deployment and reporting.


Provide vulnerability announcements

Get announcements on new patch bundles dynamically, so you always know the latest patch options.


Agent-based security monitoring

With the sophisticated agent-based security monitoring capabilities in ZENworks Patch Management, you can:

  • Detect security vulnerabilities on individual endpoints
  • Continually assess security risks
  • Receive automatic notifications of patch compliance issues and concerns
  • Take advantage of a new Linux agent to monitor both Windows and Linux systems


Dynamic reporting shows you all the details

ZENworks Patch Management includes a powerful security reporting engine and dynamic, dashboard-style reports that combine to offer you:

  • A complete, high-level view of patch compliance across your organization
  • The ability to quickly drill down to see detailed patch data for individual endpoints


Collection, analysis, and pre-testing

Eliminate the time and manual effort required to collect, analyze, and test the overwhelming number of patches available for different endpoint systems.


Automated patch deployment

Streamline and automate every aspect of the patch deployment and verification process. Get patches to the machines that need them quickly and safely with ZENworks Patch Management.


Policy-based compliance management

Monitor patch compliance based on predefined policies and automatically remediate systems that don’t meet minimum standards.


Enjoy a truly unified and integrated solution

Centralize the management of all your devices into a single, unified web-based ZENworks console. This lets you perform all your security, patch, and configuration management tasks from a single console.


Lower Patch Management costs and labor

Enable efficient security patch management that keeps your endpoints safe without all the overhead. Automate the process of discovering security alerts, retrieving the patches, and deploying the right ones to the right machines to prevent problems.

Endpoint Software Patch Management


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