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ZENworks Endpoint Software Patch Management

Automated patching and threat remediation.

ZENworks Endpoint Software Patch Management

ZENworks Endpoint Software Patch Management is a multi-
platform software patching solution. It automates
maintenance patching and provides on-demand threat

CVE Tracking

NIST-based peace of mind.

ZENworks Patch Management uses the NIST common
vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs) database to identify and
mitigate risk through manual or automated patch deployment.


NIST accuracy and reliability.


Automated remediation for your endpoint devices.

CVE Tracking

Policy-Based Patching

Compliance Through Defined Policies. Delivered.

Compliance rules can be implemented within patching policies. Once defined, these policies can automate patch delivery in defined maintenance windows.

Test software patches before wide-scale deployments.

Get deployment reports to see where patches have been delivered.

Interactive Dashboards

Customized dashboards for deep insight.

Customize your dashboards to track devices, individual CVE, or software patch status and trends. Drill down to get detailed information, then take immediate action for remediation.

Customizable per administrator.
Dynamic, graphical reports for a view of patch compliance.

Additional Features

Cross OS and Third-Party Apps

Patch Windows, Linux, Mac, and
Windows systems. Extend OS update
management to iOS and Android with
Endpoint Device Management.

Pre-Tested, Automated Deployment.

Streamline and automate every aspect
of the patch deployment and
verification process.

Customer Success

Our customers do more.


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