Mobile Solutions

Mobile cloud testing, app monitoring, and mobile test lab management solutions to help you deliver 5 star user experiences throughout the lifecycle of your app.

User experience is everything

Your mobile apps are the "front door" to your brand and your users know you through your app. If your app is buggy, slow, and unresponsive, then that is how your customers perceive your brand. You can’t afford to have negative reviews. Micro Focus Mobile Solutions helps organizations deliver and maintain mobile apps that give their users world-class experiences – high quality and performance, top notch availability, and trusted security.

Mobile Testing
Mobile testing

Provide mobile users with an exceptional and secured experience by performing mobile app testing across multiple devices, operating systems, and real network conditions.

Mobile monitoring

Know your user experience and act before they write reviews. Micro Focus mobile app monitoring and user experience analytics can provide you insights about performance, user flows, and user crashes for all of your mobile apps.

Mobile Monitoring
Manage your mobile test lab
Manage your mobile test lab

Allow your mobile teams access to a private cloud of real devices from anywhere, control the devices remotely, and expand your private cloud to AWS Device Farm. Learn more at the mobile testing page.

How to select the best mobile testing solution

Download the Micro Focus Mobile Testing Checklist to help you investigate mobile testing solutions, and trigger structured discussions and decisions.

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How to select the best mobile testing solution
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