Hybrid IT Management Hybrid IT Management

Simplify your IT transformation
Simplify hybrid IT complexity and transform into an agile, services-driven organization.
Service Management
Service Management

Reduce the friction of IT service consumption

Service Fulfillment
Service Fulfillment

Meet cloud and on-premises service demand at the speed of DevOps

Service Assurance
Service Assurance

Bring clarity to problems and resolutions

Service Assurance
Service Governance

Reassert the governance role of IT

The solutions that make it possible.

Service Management

Delivers intuitive, no-wait, self-service for business and IT users, powered by machine learning.

Service Management Automation X (SMAX) delivers a machine learning based service desk to meet all your IT service management needs, on premises, in the cloud or as a Service.
Discover configuration items and their relationships to better monitor and control multi-cloud environments in real-time with Configuration Management System (CMS).
Machine learning based solution for ESM, ITSM and ITAM

Service Fulfillment

Deploy and govern cloud and on-prem resources from a single portal and migrate cloud workloads.

Hybrid Cloud Management is a solution that aggregates, brokers, provisions and governs multi-cloud and on-premises resources, providing on-demand resource services to users.
Data Center Automation enables server provisioning, patching and configuration at scale. Migrate workloads to the cloud with PlateSpin , and Mainframe Application Redeployment.
Hybrid Cloud Management delivers best-fit, on-demand hybrid and multi-cloud resources for your entire organization.

Service Assurance

Bring clarity to problems and resolutions with AIOps.

Operations Bridge- automated monitoring and remediation, powered by AIOps, improves root cause analysis and mean time to repair across cloud and traditional environments.
Network Operations Management (NOM)monitors, and manages physical, virtual, wireless and software-defined networks at enterprise-scale, decreasing MTTR and enabling automatic responses to issues.
Make the shift to automated cloud and on-premises monitoring and remediation, powered by AIOps.

Service Governance

Adopt a proactive, consistent approach to patching, backups, compliance, and budget control.

Data Center Automation and Network Operations Management provide vulnerability, risk and IT compliance management with remediation for hybrid infrastructure and networks.
Data Protector provides secure application and critical data backup protection at scale to traditional and modern IT environments with automation and resource optimization.
Greenlight Group provides comprehensive compliance with Data Center Automation

Analytics and Automation

Simplify management of hybrid IT via solutions that share common analytics and automation.

Empower your IT process automation with Operations Orchestration using ready-made flows. Use Robotic Process Automation to automate mundane human tasks with resilient robots.
Collect-Once, Store-Once (COSO) analytics reduces noise, offering actionable insights. Universal Discovery and UCMDB discovers hardware, software, and interdependencies.
Welcome Your New Robo Workers

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