ZENworks Asset Management


Mejora del inventario de activos

Saque partido de procesos de inventario personalizados, flexibles o listos para usar.

Facilite la creación de informes de uso y conformidad

Elabore informes avanzados de uso y conformidad, y cree informes complejos personalizados sin necesidad de tener conocimientos de programación de bases de datos.

Detección de hardware integrada

Prepare todos los datos de su inventario para lograr la eficiencia en materia de conformidad, reconciliación e información de licencia.

Promueva la reconciliación y gestión de licencias

Haga coincidir productos encontrados con licencias adquiridas mientras examina cómo se relacionan entre sí. También puede situarlos en el contexto de su programa de licencias de software general.

Uso del software

Obtenga una visibilidad clara de las tendencias de uso de las aplicaciones de escritorio y servidor.

Gestión de contratos integrada

Gestione los contratos de TI al aprovechar la información de la base de datos de ZENworks Asset Management.

Identificación automática de activos

Automatice el proceso de reconocimiento y clasificación de los activos de hardware y software con identificación de cientos de miles de productos y dispositivos.

Mejore el seguimiento y la conformidad de licencias

Asegúrese de que sus licencias de software están perfectamente sincronizadas con el software que se ejecuta en su empresa.

Comparación de competidores de ZENworks Asset Management

Feature ZENworks Asset Management Competition
Integrated Discovery Tools

ZENworks provides an integrated set of network discovery and deployment tools which can be used to deploy the ZENworks Adaptive Agent to all devices that the organization wants to track and manage.

Network discovery tools are isolated from core deployment tools, leading to the dependency on additional application deployment solutions in order to bring the target devices under management.

System update and maintenance

ZENworks leverages the integrated System Update mechanism in order to update the core features of the product. This means, no other third party product is required to update ZENworks or any of its components.

May need configuration tools to update or patch the core components.

Web based Admin Console

ZENworks Control Center is the web-based console used to manage the full infrastructure under management. This means ZENworks Asset Management requires no additional plugins, add-ons, or thick client to be installed on an administrative workstation in order to manage IT assets.

Competitive products require thick clients or need add-ons and/or plugins installed, leading to limited administrative capabilities on certain platforms.

Plataforma y arquitectura compatibles

Feature ZENworks Asset Management Competition
Multi-platform management

ZENworks manages the assets of all major platforms such as: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Unix (HP-UX, AIX, and Solaris), and NetWare all from the same console.

Limited platform coverage focusing around a few platforms such as Windows and Mac OS X.

Multi-platform administration

Core ZENworks services (ZENworks Primary Server) can be installed on Windows Server, Linux, and Open Enterprise Server.

Most competition runs on the Windows Server platform only.

Database support

ZENworks Asset Management ships with the Sybase database platform which can be installed as an embedded database on the first Primary Server, or as a remote instance. In addition to this, ZENworks also supports both Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle giving the customer the freedom to choose based on in-house skill sets.

Most competition supports the Microsoft SQL Server database platform only.

Scalability for Branch Office

ZENworks utilizes the Satellite Server and the collection role for remote branch office locations in order to scale out to the customers distributed requirements. These components can be installed on the Windows and Linux platforms (both desktop and server platforms).

Not available with many competitors.

Disconnected devices

ZENworks provides offline inventory/data collection capabilities through a portable collector which can be run manually. Data can then be imported to the server in order to keep information up to date on all assets, regardless of where they are or how often they connect to the corporate infrastructure.

Not available with many competitors.

Custom inventory and demographic data collection

ZENworks provides the mechanism for users to provide demographic-based information by manually entering it, or automatically extracting the information from text files and the registry. This tool can also be integrated with Active Directory and Micro Focus eDirectory to collect demographic information.

Most competitive products provide limited flexibility in collecting demographic-based data.

Generación de informes

Feature ZENworks Asset Management Competition
Web-based reporting

ZENworks addresses reporting requirements through either ZENworks Control Center or the ZENworks Reporting Server. Both consoles are web-based, and require no plugins, add-ons, or other thick clients to be installed in order to create, customize, or generate reports.

Competitive products provide report generation and report views by leveraging standalone applications or custom consoles.

Standard (canned) reports

ZENworks provides hundreds of predefined reports that provide a detailed understanding of the IT assets (both hardware and software) throughout the organization.

Lack of a large number of predefined reports providing limited information about the organizations assets.

Custom reporting

ZENworks Reporting Server is powered by the SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise Business Intelligence engine which provides significant custom reporting and charting capabilities, without the need of an advanced understanding for the SQL scripting language.

In order to design detailed custom reports, the administrator (or report creator) must have an indepth knowledge of the complete database schema.

Alerts and notifications

Strong business intelligence capabilities provide easy reporting options, to highlight report differences and generate a distribution of reports on a schedule, leveraging the corporate email infrastructure and document repositories.

Competitors do not provide this level of flexibility as far as reporting is concerned.

Identificación del software

Feature ZENworks Asset Management Competition
Knowledge base approach

Approximately 70,000 unique software titles and versions can be identified by the ZENworks inventory scan and reconciliation processes.

Very few vendors provide the same level of identification when it comes to software titles and versions.

Suites and collections

ZENworks Asset Management can identify suites such as Microsoft Office or Adobe Creative Suite effectively. For software collections which do not follow a standard, identification methodology can be custom generated using a collection framework.

While some of the vendors may be able to identify suites, custom collection capabilities are lacking in competitive products.

Version identification and consolidation

ZENworks Asset Management has the ability to identify software products of various patch levels, and collate them to represent a proper view of the software product which can be licensed.

Many software vendors expect the correlation between collected data and licenses be established manually.

Identificación de hardware

Feature ZENworks Asset Management Competition
Detailed hardware attributes

ZENworks collects detailed information with respect to hardware information including manufacturer, part name and serial number details. This also includes elaborate details for unique identification, and functional understanding/comparison of the hardware assets.

Competitive products do not provide granular identification of hardware attributes, and reporting capabilities.

Custom editing of hardware

ZENworks provides the flexibility to edit/add hardware assets that cannot be identified properly for whatever reason.

Competitive products do not provide such flexibility in terms of hardware data collection.

Cumplimiento de licencias de software

Feature ZENworks Asset Management Competition
Single view of software license

ZENworks Asset Management provides a single view of all software licenses, product usage, and asset allocation to meet compliance, internal budgeting, and assess effective usage.

Most competitive products do not provide the same level of granularity when it comes to license management options.

Flexible proof of ownership representation

ZENworks Asset Management provides a flexible proof of ownership model that can associate purchase order based, and custom purchase summary based systems to create a uniform view.

Most competitive products associate one or more purchase orders to the licensed products, making the representation inflexible.

Licensing types

ZENworks Asset Management allows the administrator to represent full license, upgrade license, and maintenance license types in the same licensed product view.

Most competitors are unable to reconcile full license, upgrade license, and maintenance license types in a unified view.

License entitlement

ZENworks Asset Management provides flexibility in modeling entitlements (automatically and manually) for various complex entitlement models such as installation, machine, user, and enterprise based.

Most competing products do not have the same level of flexibility when it comes to representing complex entitlement models, and thus provide ad-hoc custom models to handle complex entitlements.

Gestión de contratos

Feature ZENworks Asset Management Competition
Extensive attributes

ZENworks Asset Management provides numerous attributes related to contracts that can be extended for custom attributes as well.

Competitive products provide very specific attributes, and are not as flexible when it comes to extending them to add additional attributes.

Renewal history and alerts

ZENworks Asset Management allows the administrator to configure alerts and notifications on the contract, thus tracking various contract renewal events. In addition, history of all renewal events can be tracked for future auditing purposes.

Competitive products provide limited contract management capabilities and flexibility.

Document and asset relationships

ZENworks Asset Management gives the organization the ability to add document artifacts to the contract itself, leaving a full papertrail of the transaction. In addition to this, software and hardware assets can be associated with contracts in the system such that the relationship can be used to create complex drill-down reporting capabilities.

Most competitors do not have this same level of flexibility in their reporting capabilities in order to correlate IT assets with associated maintenance or acquisition contracts.

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