2024 State of Code Security

How Enterprises Secure Their Applications

Organizations are boldly embracing AppSec practices and focusing on their software security posture, but age-old problems of insufficient funding and security resources — as well as a disconnect between developers and the security team — remain major roadblocks.

Download this report to discover more about how enterprises are approaching secure software development practices, what tools they are using, and what obstacles they are encountering as they endeavor to create a more secure application environment.

Report insights include:

  • The Current State of Enterprise Application Security Practices
  • How Enterprises Respond to Emerging AppSec Challenges
  • The Drivers and Hurdles for Real Change.

2024 State of Code Security

Download to learn the principal takeaways from our code security survey report.

Only 44% of organizations have been practicing formal, programmatic application security for one to five years.

Only 55% of organizations keep up to date on patching their most important applications.

74% consider their dependency scanning/software component analysis (SCA) practices very or somewhat effective.

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