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Net IQ

NetIQ Identity and Access Management

Our adaptive identity-centric expertise gives you an integrated platform for identity, access, and privilege management to drive modern IT ecosystems.

Quick, secure access

Secure access through a context-aware approach with risk based adaptive access controls. Strengthen authentication and authorization capabilities giving users quick and secure access to the resources they need, while providing a positive user experience. Deliver on user expectations throughout the digital transformation journey and maximize your existing technologies connecting old with the new. Secure and manage those connective APIs to match your journey whether that be to the cloud, SaaS, web services, microservices, or IoT.

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Accelerate. Govern. Adapt.

Adaptive identity governance provides a single unified view of identity across complex, hybrid environments. Ensure a state of continuous compliance with real-time identity data and adaptive governance with advanced identity analytics for decision support and governance insights. Build a centralized and highly scalable platform delivering with an outstanding breadth of supported systems and applications with the flexibility to adapt to how your organization works.

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Monitor privileged users

Deliver adaptive and frictionless Privilege Management capabilities which diminish the risk of a privilege-related security incident. Leverage intelligence and visibility of the privileged identity lifecycle with unrivaled privilege granularity with our ActiveView identity model. Implement a better experience with non-intrusive privileged session monitoring. A more efficient way to manage your privilege environment with secure, efficient, and consistent built-in workflow automation, a single vendor coverage across the entire environment and a reduced the time it takes for audits and attestation reporting.

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Manage and enforce policies

Utilize a single pane of glass for consistent policy creation, deployment, reporting, enforcement, and auditing. Find and addresses potential policy collisions and gaps. Provide a rigorous change management and delegation model to know who, what, where, and when for any policy changes leverage this information in SOC incident investigations. Working natively with target environments, centralize management across on-premise and cloud resources and set and (automatically, whenever possible) enforce strict security templates based on your security baseline standards.

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Peer Reviews

"The ability to tailor requirements to our complex needs across multiple agencies is a big plus. Synchronization is real time and provides redundancy and fault tolerance. "
"The product supports a vast array of different platforms, and services. We have a huge amount of differing requirements and this product allows IT to meet the needs of our internal customers."
"We had a good experience with the integration and handling. Very good consulting and service."
"Manage Users Lifecycle With Just One Click!"
"The integration and ease of deployment is what we liked most about this product."
"Powerful And Stable Identity Management Solution"

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