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Reduce Business Friction

Data Security as a Service

Enterprises today are prioritizing business transformation. With continuous data discovery, insight, and protection solutions, organizations can remove the obstacles and accelerate initiatives such as IT modernization, cloud migration, and privacy compliance.

Know your data

Data volume growth, threat landscapes, and regulatory pressures drive the need to find and protect high-value data assets on a continuous basis. Voltage File Analysis Suite (FAS) Data Discovery uses SaaS AI-driven analytics to build a rich inventory of all data. Dashboards identify and highlight sensitive data with accurate, contextual awareness and the speed needed when assessing risk. FAS Data Discovery is a highly scalable SaaS content analysis solution for data minimization, data privacy readiness, data protection, and data preservation—helping organizations comply with global data privacy regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, KVKK, POPI, and LGPD.

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Classify your data

Swift and accurate analysis and classification of data enables appropriate action. This includes protection to allow secure use; tags to drive document retention for compliance; and defensible deletion to reduce data bloat and lower the risk that increases with the retention of redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) data. Voltage File Analysis Suite (FAS) provides context-aware classification of all data in the enterprise, going beyond databases and file metadata to include deep inspection to establish risk exposure and act with insight. FAS can automate and apply disposition policies based on retention rules. Effective data classification is critical to drive and maximize efficiencies.

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Protect your data

Enterprises today are hybrid IT and multicloud and need protection for high-value data wherever it goes. Voltage SmartCipher transparently protects sensitive data in files, enabling users to efficiently work while protecting against unauthorized activities. SmartCipher is offered in an Azure-based deployment model. Integration with SecureMail provides transparent and persistent file encryption and applies all policy inspection and usage controls into Exchange email, message body, and attachments for the lifetime of the document, giving increased visibility and control. Voltage FAS/SmartCipher integration delivers data protection in place, in motion, and in use—enabling privacy and secure information sharing.

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