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ArcSight SIEM as a Service

Intelligent threat hunting on SaaS

ArcSight SaaS is an intelligent and holistic security operation stack with advanced threat hunting, log management and compliance capabilities on a scalable, no hassle environment. Get more visibility from your SOC tools faster, at the scale you need. Empower your SOC pros to focus on what matters most.

Empower your SOC to focus on what matters

Your SecOps team’s time is precious, so you don’t want to waste it on managing users, machines, and operations. With ArcSight’s SaaS offerings, intelligent and powerful SecOps tools are seamlessly delivered, managed, and run for you in the cloud. There’s no wasted time on unnecessary operational tasks, enabling you to accelerate threat detection and respond before any damage is done.

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Scale with your growing security landscape

Your enterprise is growing and so is your threat landscape. You need tools that can scale with you to ensure comprehensive threat coverage. ArcSight evolves to meet your growing threat needs by simplifying the adoption of advanced tools via a hybrid cloud deployment model. With multiple integrations between ArcSight solutions, you can gain ingest flexibility for seamless threat coverage. The ArcSight SaaS offerings provide you with a simplified service initiative to minimize exposure by easily scaling out coverage as your enterprise’s attack surface expands.

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Get your return faster

ArcSight SaaS enables your team to gain actionable insights with advanced analytics—from deployment to detect—and respond to threats, in less time.

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    Try ArcSight Intelligence as a Service today

    ArcSight Intelligence as a Service evolves with your growing enterprise through a simplified SaaS deployment model. Gain enhanced insights with behavioral analytics that can be paired with ArcSight ESM or CrowdStrike Falcon sensor.

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