Now Tech: Hybrid Cloud Management, Q1 2018 Forrester’s Overview Of 41 Hybrid Cloud Management Providers

Forrester lists Micro Focus as a large established multipurpose suite vendor


In this report, Forrester experts searched for the most important HCM providers.

The reports begins with the statement: “There is no one cloud. As cloud adoption explodes across the enterprise space and deployment types, demand is high for HCM tooling to help govern these fast-moving technologies.”

“Forrester defines hybrid cloud management as:
A tool or series of tools that integrates into multiple cloud platforms for cost, performance, or security management.”

“I&O leaders exploring this market seek out vendors that can help them:

  • "Reduce their cloud bills, with performance in mind."
  • "Gain cloud brokerage insights."
  • "Simplify management across platforms."


The report recommends selecting vendors based on size and functionality.

The report states that toolsets have been created with the goal of lessening the management burden for hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Download the entire Forrester report for free. Then let us help you manage your existing infrastructure together with your new multi-cloud environments in a manner that fits your organization’s unique needs.

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