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End-to-end observability and monitoring of your cloud-native infrastructure and applications

OpScope is a cloud-based observability tool for end-to-end monitoring of infrastructure and applications. It enables IT teams to utilize SRE-based practices and accelerate cloud app troubleshooting with guided workflows to help achieve service commitments and control innovation velocity.

Performance Analysis in the cloud

Got cloud-native apps?

Gain observability insights into infrastructure and app performance. Utilize SLA trends to proactively manage application development velocity.

Cloud Cost Optimization
Easily pinpoint how IT resources are impacting business services.
Cloud Cost Optimization
Integrated view of your cloud applications and on-prem infrastructure.

Got cloud-native apps?
Infrastructure Observability

Go from zero to observability

Gain unified infrastructure observability across cloud and on-prem environments. Unique anomaly detection delivers proactive insights.

Pinpoint infrastructure issues with AI-powered insights to drive uptime.
Fast productivity with easy deployment and guided workflows.

Not a Dev? Not a problem computer image
Application Observability

Insights enabled by OpenTelemetry

Easily troubleshoot and enhance application performance across cloud and on-prem environments.

Quickly identify the golden signals at the code-level that pinpoint performance issues.
Avoid proprietary instrumentation to enable code-level insights across toolsets.

Go from zero to observability image

Additional Features

Trace Analysis

Visualize micro-services status and latency for transactions.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Detection of infrastructure with automated linking to applications delivers unique insights for hybrid environments.

Powerful Reporting

Out-of-the-box reporting and custom dashboards with SQL-free data exploration.


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What is

What is Observability?


Observability Trends and Pragmatic Techniques to Optimize Multicloud Operations

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