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Case study

Silk Test Mobile accelerates mobile application testing by 25% while Silk Performer realizes cost savings with an end-to-end performance testing solution


As a government software certification institution, PD-STS is required to test many types of applications and protocols, such as Java, .NET, SQL Server etc. in the shortest time possible. Mobile applications need to be tested against different devices and iOS and Android OS. Customers provide the test scenarios and PD-STS then execute tests to verify the product quality and certify them accordingly.

Mr Min Gu, Test Manager at PD-STS, explains why the previous performance testing solution was not meeting requirements: “We had quite a complex solution and heavy weight solution in place. With a team of junior test engineers, we found it took a long time to train them on the performance testing solution. We had no solution in place to automate mobile application testing. Support and service is very important to us and we wanted to look for a powerful performance and mobile testing solution from a vendor who would become our partner and support us fully.”


Market research highlighted Micro Focus Silk Performer and Silk Test Mobile as potential solutions for PD-STS. Silk Performer has the wide protocol support Mr Gu and the team were looking for, and Silk Test Mobile provides an all-in-one solution with test automation, device management, test case version control, and execution and reporting functions all included.

With support from Micro Focus Professional Services, both Silk solutions were soon implemented and operational within the PD-STS software testing process. Mr Gu comments on how Silk Performer makes a difference to his test engineers: “Silk Performer is an easy to use powerful and light weight solution. It provides a graphical workflow environment to help our engineers easily create test projects. TrueLog, Silk Performer’s debugging tool, gives us a user-friendly way to manage test script enhancements or issue fixing. The Server Analysis Module (SAM) provides powerful real-time infrastructure monitoring during load tests which give us the capability to analyze the end-to-end application testing process.”

Silk Test Mobile is simple to install and deploy and its object identification capability enables PD-STS to efficiently and effectively develop mobile application test cases to verify its client’s technology. Through the solution, the test engineers produce basic project asset management, test case version control, and authorization control, without the need to integrate any other tools.


Accelerated mobile application testing


License cost saving in move to Silk Performer


Silk Test Mobile has been integrated into the daily mobile application test workload and PD-STS is working on a certification standard for mobile applications completely based on Silk Test Mobile results. The powerful test automation means mobile testing projects can be accelerated, according to Mr Gu: “We estimate that we realize a time saving of 25% with each mobile application testing project. This means we can run three more mobile projects simultaneously, without having to add test engineers.”

Silk Performer has increased the efficiency of the test engineers. Compared to the previous solution, the same protocol technology stack is fully covered by performance and load testing with a license cost saving of 30%.

Mr Gu concludes: “Mobile technology is fast moving. Silk Test Mobile is an agile solution keeping full pace with all the relevant mobile technology advances which makes us feel confident about the future. The service received from Micro Focus has been excellent, and we look forward to our continued partnership.”

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