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  • Centralized Log Management
    Collect billions of events across your organization and take advantage of centralized visibility into your security event logs.
  • Search for Threats
    Search log data with minimal effort using an intuitive search interface and get results faster with powerful security analytics technology
  • Report for Compliance
    Prepare compliance documentation faster with built-in reporting content that eases the burden of requirements and audits.
  • Integrate Your Security Environment
    Gain a more complete view of security events by integrating existing security operations solutions.
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  • Minimum Specs (For 1000 EPS):
    CPU: 8 CPU cores (2 x Intel Xeon Quad Core or equivalent) Memory: 32 GB RAM Disk Space: 500 GB
  • How much does it cost?

    There is no cost for the 90 day trial.

    What is the data limit for the trial?

    The maximum ingestion rate is 10,000 EPS.

    Where can I find ArcSight Recon documentation?

    You can find Recon documentation here.

    How do I install the Recon Free Trial?

    You can check this page which describes the installation and deployment options, considerations, and caveats that you need to know for a successful deployment.

    Do I need to download a separate trial for Connectors?

    No. You will receive download files for Connectors and ArcSight Recon (Transformation Hub is included). By downloading, you agree to use them only for the purpose and duration of this trial.

    What connectors will be available for this trial?

    Microsoft Windows Native Connector
    Linux Audit - File
    Syslog NG Daemon
    AWS CloudTrail
    Microsoft Office 365
    Apache HTTP/HTTPD Server - Access/Error Files
    Microsoft Exchange
    Microsoft Active Directory - Native
    Linux Audit - Syslog
    Cisco IOS Syslog
    Apache HTTP/HTTPD Server - Syslog
    Cisco PIX/ASA Syslog
    AWS S3

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