Complete Protection for Your Company’s Enterprise Network

Stop viruses and spam from entering—or leaving—your network.

Keep your system free from malicious or inappropriate content

Protect your network from viruses, spam, pornographic images, and malware with Micro Focus™ Secure Gateway. No matter what platform you’re using, Secure Gateway ensures that nothing unwanted enters your messaging system by filtering messages at the perimeter of your system.

With easy-to-configure, customizable notifications, you’ll know exactly what’s entering and leaving your messaging system at all times. And with limitless notification types, you can create notifications that fit your company’s unique needs. Notifications can be triggered by attachments, keywords, viruses, illicit images, and more.

Stop viruses before they occur

With inbound and outbound, zero-hour antivirus protection, viruses are stopped before an outbreak occurs, saving you thousands of dollars in lost time and data.Secure Gateway scans the body, subject, and attachments of any message entering or leaving your mailbox. If the message contains a virus, Secure Gateway blocks the message at the gateway, ensuring that damages and threats are minimized.

Secure Gateway also provides policy-based, multi-tenant configuration which enables you to create and configure individual message policies. Use criteria such as the source address, the recipient, and direction to create separate message policies for inbound and outbound messages or individual users.

Keep your messaging system at optimum performance by scanning all process across all your available resources and applying patterns to your scans to ensure inappropriate or malicious content never enters your system.

Keep unwanted traffic away from your collaboration system

Catch spam before it ever reaches your messaging system. Secure Gateway’s spam-blocking functions include content filtering, address blocking, and more to ensure your email system runs smoothly and efficiently. And because the anti-spam engine is constantly updated with new spam signatures, only the mail you need appears in your inbox and only spam is filtered out.

With robust filtering capabilities, including content, directional, and envelope filtering, you can customize your spam defense to fit your company’s unique needs. You can create filters based on message direction, user authentication, or email content such as subject, header, email address, or body.

Keep your end-user workstations from being compromised from viruses that penetrate perimeter defenses and send spam through your network. Secure Gateway helps prevent outbound spam risks, including damaged reputation, blocked IP address, crippled messaging systems, loss of resources, and email spoofing.

Continuous monitoring of your network

You can’t watch your network 24/7, but Secure Gateway can. By actively monitoring your network, pornographic files, cybercrime, DoS/DDoS attacks, malicious websites, and inappropriate content are prevented from harming or entering your network.

With multiple layers of specialized protection, threats and damages are prevented from harming your messaging system. Multiple layers of specialized security prevent cybercriminals from using your messaging system as a way of attacking your infrastructure. Illicit or inappropriate images are scanned with Image Analyzer to reliably distinguish between pornographic and non-pornographic content. Whatever the threat, Secure Gateway ensures your messaging system is totally protected.

Designed for GroupWise

Secure Gateway is designed specifically for GroupWise and provides total scanning for your GroupWise messaging system. All messages passing through GroupWise are scanned in real-time to ensure they are free of viruses, malware, spam, and illicit images.

GWAVA is now a part of Micro Focus. To learn more about Secure Gateway, please visit the GWAVA product page until the web transition is complete.