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IT Operations Management
Insights Podcast

Welcome to The ITOM Insights Podcast series to provide you the information and insights you’re looking for around IT Operations Management.

Our discussions include topics like discovery across your hybrid environments, the management and monitoring of your services, protecting and securing of your business, and the innovation and achievement of your business goals. We look forward to connecting, having you join us and welcome you to subscribe. All of these podcasts can be listened to at your convenience, anytime and anywhere. Stay tuned for more & more episodes all year long.

Micro Focus recently announced the release of OPTIC, the Operations Platform for Transformation, Intelligence, and Cloud. An integrated, proven platform that empowers IT operations with built-in, unlimited-use intelligence at the core and also offers the ability to optimize the cloud as a full partner. As businesses navigate the changing demands of the digital economy and seek to improve productivity for a dispersed workforce, Micro Focus OPTIC is designed to simplify the complexity of transforming IT to meet these ever shifting expectations. We know IT operations management (ITOM) is pretty complex, and tends to send IT admins scrambling for authentic and actionable insights across the internet.

Episode 8

Getting CLEVER with Universal Discovery

Are your service dependency maps of IT applications and infrastructure frequently out-of-date or even non-existent? Can you easily find known vulnerabilities in your environment? Are you easily meeting your software asset management challenges with licensing, fingerprinting, and normalization? Can you ensure you’re accurately mapping CI’s and changes in real-time in both your data centers and your cloud deployments? Without visibility into IT applications and infrastructure dependencies, it is difficult and time-consuming to prioritize, triage, and resolve incidents. Universal Discovery (UD) software combines the powerful automation of inventory discovery with the holy grail of dependency mapping. This phenomenal one-two punch serves as the foundation for incident, problem and change management, as well as asset management, business service management and transformation projects. In this podcast join marketing manager Wes Heaps as he discusses how to get ‘CLEVER’ with universal discovery with product manager Bill Dyck & practice manager Pulin Brahmbhatt. - podcast length 21:25.

Episode 7

IT4IT & ITIL: A CTO’s Perspective

In this episode, join industry veteran Mike Crabtree as he spends some time with Lars Rossen on the subjects of ITIL & IT4IT, where a company should spend their time, do these two work together, and where should one start? Lars Rossen is an HPE Distinguished Technologist, Micro Focus Fellow and the current Chief Technology Officer. Lars is also one of the founding fathers of the IT4IT Reference Architecture which formed the basis for the standard in The Open Group, where he serves as a board member today. Before joining Micro Focus, Lars worked for the Hewlett Packard Enterprise CTO organization. Lars also worked in the software portfolio architecture and strategy team and has had many leading roles in defining and progressing the current IT management solution portfolio. Lars was a researcher at the University of Denmark in the area of formal methods for computing before becoming CTO at Netman, a highly successful telecommunications ISV and consulting firm. HP acquired Netman in 2004. Lastly, Lars holds an MS in engineering, an executive MBA with focus on technology management, and a PhD in computer science from the University of Denmark. - podcast length 28:57

Episode 6

The 4 C's of Configuration Management

In the IT world where the only constant is “change", how do the most complex enterprises manage their IT as the very floor they stand on continues to move and shift? Whether it’s on the hardware front, or software front, the pace of growth, retirement and change is accelerating every day. With each & every release, upgrade, and innovation it only gets more complex, and overwhelming for the ill-prepared. Join us for this episode, where veteran solution architects Bilal Farooqui and Louis Kim discuss the profound importance of configuration management systems, and how configuration management technology coupled with some key foundational best practices are leveraged to keep pace and stay on top of this constant change & evolution in your IT landscape. - podcast length: 21:05



Episode 5

Drive Your Data Center Like You Drive Your Car

"Because so much is riding on your tires.” That’s one of Michelin’s marketing slogans, but it’s also a very true statement. Think of all the precious cargo you entrust to your tires. Spouses, children, parents, siblings, friends. All of that is riding on your tires, and within your car. Now think about your data center, more & more of your business and with that the success, and in some cases the livelihoods, of your stakeholders - customers, employees, partners, shareholders and your community - are dependent on that data center. Digital infrastructure across hardware, software and networks is at the heart of more & more enterprises today, and with that the data centers - be they on-premises, co-located, in the cloud, at the edge, or in any mix of all of the above - it is all riding on your data centers. In this episode, join industry veterans Sandy Snyder & Mike Crabtree as they discuss how you can and should monitor & manage your data center like you monitor and manage your car. - podcast length 27:29


Episode 4

Micro Focus NA & Red Hat Ansible - A Match Made In Heaven

The automation of network related tasks; configuration, management, testing, deployment, and the operation of physical and virtual network devices has long been sought after by many network administrators. Many software & hardware vendors alike claim to deliver on the full scope of network automation but only a very small few can truly stand by such a claim. Even better, is the collaboration & complementary offering of a combined solution from two heavyweights like Micro Focus & Red Hat. In this episode, join network automation veterans Matt Miller & John Jackson as they table & discuss the large value that Micro Focus Network Automation & Red Hat Ansible deliver together as a truly better-together enterprise grade solution from a match made in heaven. - podcast length: 25:24


Episode 3

Top 5 Common Myths About Process Automation

Business process automation, also known as business automation or digital transformation, is the technology-enabled automation of complex business processes, and one of the hottest spaces in IT today. Leading analysts predict the space to grow at a staggering compound growth rate of 30+% annually over the next five years. In this episode, join solution architects Rai Phakay & Khalil Abdo as they table & discuss the top five common myths & misunderstandings in this very exciting space, and learn how process automation can save you and your organization time, money, and reduce risk across the board. - podcast length: 25:26


Episode 2

Top 5 Ways Your Competitors Are Using AIOps To Outsmart You

Join solution architects Joe Hasenohr & Kevin Baur as they dive into the fast-paced, exponentially growing space of artificial intelligence in the operations management & monitoring world. Joe & Kevin will discuss the top five ways your typical competitor is using this technology, and particularly the uber intelligent software & proprietary smarts in the Micro Focus suite of tools. Both Joe & Kevin bring long, successful track record of delivering solutions, guidance and value to customers across North America with service tenures at companies like Sun, HP & Micro Focus. - podcast length: 13:50.


Episode 1

Top 3 Ways Organizations Are Using Configuration & Asset Management For Success

Join solution consultant Mike Crabtree & solution architect Pamela Asamoah as they discuss the top three ways organizations are using, leveraging & putting both configuration with & asset management to work to discover, manage, deliver and stay on top of both their hardware and software footprints. With over twenty years experience each, and histories with numerous enterprise service management software vendors, working with customers of all sizes & industries around the globe, Mike & Pamela bring a wealth of real-life experiences, and incredible insights to this lively, business-benefit filled discussion. - podcast length: 24:15.



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