AccuRev Plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio focuses on developer usability and developer productivity within the Microsoft Visual Studio environment. The integration provides developers with a full palette of AccuRev functionality without having to leave the familiar Microsoft Visual Studio environment. Microsoft Visual Studio developers gain transparent, stable, and highly functional SCM capabilities with stream-based process automation, software asset reuse, and private workspaces. Together, AccuRev and Microsoft Visual Studio are ideal for complex, geographically distributed, parallel and Agile application development.AccuRev integrates deeply into your Visual Studio environment. You can perform AccuRev queries, execute operations, and see ToolTips showing the AccuRev status of every file in your solution.Full integration between Microsoft Visual Studio and AccuRev change package functionality enables true issue-based development workflows. Developers benefit from the ability to manage an issue-based workflow in AccuRev, directly from the Microsoft Visual Studio client—utilizing any tool chosen from the large selection of issue and defect tracking solutions that can be integrated with AccuRev.AccuRev plugin for Visual Studio for Microsoft Visual Studio enhances everyday productivity with numerous usability features. All common AccuRev searches are available from Microsoft Visual Studio so that developers, release engineers, and managers can query the AccuRev server for the latest source code changes. Actionable views of your AccuRev history data are now fully integrated in the Microsoft Visual Studio environment, providing powerful access to the rich versioning functionality of AccuRev SCM. And AccuRev Plug-in for Visual Studio for Microsoft Visual Studio now ships as a true Visual Studio plug-in, and supports the Microsoft Visual Studio (2013, 2015, 2017 –professional edition only).Advantages of AccuRev Plug-in for Visual Studio

  • AccuRev Plug-in for Visual Studio for Microsoft Visual Studio provides developers transparent access to the power of AccuRev without leaving the Visual Studio environment
  • Implement a best-of-breed Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution by deploying AccuRev with Microsoft Visual Studio
  • AccuRev provides robust integration with the Visual Studio platform, with improved usability for developers and rich exposure of AccuRev functionality
  • Full integration between Visual Studio and AccuRevchange packagesenforces process and enables developers to interact with issue-based engineering workflow directly from Visual Studio, supporting a broad range of tightly‑integrated issue and defect tracking tools

Adapt Visual Studio features within the AccuRev Plug-in for Visual Studio

  • Support for Microsoft Visual Studio ( 2015, 2017, 2019–professional edition only)
  • Supports commonly used AccuRev operations such as Keep, Promote, file move, rename and a plethora of common operations – developers can "live in Visual Studio" and still derive all the benefits of AccuRev
  • Change Package integration between Microsoft Visual Studio and AccuRev SCM for full featured issue-based engineering management
  • Complete view of Change Package History
  • Sophisticated support for AccuRev diff and merge functionalities
  • New history views: Browse and diff against active history; "Compare With" menu exposed for differencing between private workspace and history; populate workspace with selected version
  • Full access to AccuWork queries directly within Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Visual aids (including icons and ToolTips) for quick information on SCM status of projects and files
  • Support for projects spanning multiple AccuRev workspaces
  • Background processing of AccuRev commands to improve performance

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AccuRev Visual Studio Plug-in 2019.2
1.2 MB
Mar 4, 2021
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Product compatibility
Version 7.5 · 7.4
Release notes

Visual Studio plugin 2019.2 includes the following enhancements and fixes:

641482 - Login window should be aligned to its parent window

Login window was appearing on top of the active application opened.

641483 - Custom Workspace name in “Open from AccuRev Window” option disappears when moving from last dialog page to the previous dialog page where workspace path is specified

In "Open from AccuRev Window" option, user enters custom workspace name in the text field. User clicks Next button followed by Back button, text field was not retaining the custom workspace value.

641484- "Synchronize time" was removed from AccuRev menu

In current release, synchronize time option has been removed from the AccuRev menu.

641485 - Unicode Characters are not saved in "Select Previous Comment" after add/keep/promote

Upon performing add/keep/promote, if user enters Unicode characters in comment field, these characters are not saved into drop down field "Select Previous Comment”.

641486- Auto refresh was not happening after a purge operation is performed, the file status still shows "(defunct) (overlap) (kept) (member)"

Upon performing a purge operation, auto refresh was not happening in search window for "(defunct) (overlap) (kept) (member)" file status.

641487 - "Open from AccuRev" when new workspace window appears, and pressing the "ESC" button the workspace windows would not close

"ESC" key was not closing the workspace window upon performing "Open from AccuRev" action.

641488- While switching the solutions, VS AccuRev plugin was not picking up the active login session

AccuRev menu was disabled upon switching solution projects.

641489 – In Send to Issue option, unable to copy/paste an Issue number in Issue field

In Send to Issue option, copying & pasting the Issue numbers was disabled.

641490 – In ‘Send To Issue’ option, while passing invalid Issue number an incorrect console message was displayed

While performing Send to Issue option if the user enters an invalid Issue number, an incorrect message was displayed.

641491 – AccuRev Member files were getting added to the .acignore file along with the external file when “Add to ignore” was performed

While performing “Add to Ignore” AccuRev (member) file could be added to the .acignore file along (external) files.

641492 - AccuRev (member) files were removed from the .acignore file along with the (external) file when “Remove from ignore” was performed

While performing “Remove from Ignore” AccuRev (member) file were being removed from .acignore file along with (external) files.

641493 – ‘Diff Against file on Disk’ must be disabled for (external) file

"Diff Against file on Disk" option was enabled for (external) files in the workspace.

641494 - Anchor should be disabled for (backed)(stale) file

Anchor option was is now enabled for (backed) (stale) files in the workspace in this release

641495 - In Login window, while adding a new server entry, server field accepted special characters

While adding a new server in the login window, it was previously possible to enter special characters. An appropriate error message is now displayed.

641497 – Modifying a backed file and when diff against basis is performed, the diff window was not displaying AccuRev stream version

Upon performing diff against basis on backed file which is modified, Diff window was not showing the stream version correctly. This issue has been fixed by showing the right AccuRev stream version on the diff window.

641498 - "Undefunct" is not working as expected. The file doesn't gets added back to solution after "undefunct" is performed

Upon performing undefunct operation, auto refresh was not happening in AccuRev search window.

641499 - Custom Path in AccuRev Options page was not supported

Previously, providing AccuRev custom path in options page was not allowed. Now with the new enhancement user can able to provide AccuRev path which would be other than default AccuRev installer path in options page.

641500 – The cursor was not being released when any diff window was opened

Cursor was not getting released when Diff window was kept opened.

641501 – In Outgoing tab of Synchronize window "Add to Depot” is not working

The Add to Depot option was not working in synchronize window for (external) files.

641502 - Login failure window should be aligned to the parent

Login failure window was appearing on top of the active application opened.

1116095 - RFE - requesting testing of AccuRev Visual Studio plugin with Team Explorer

User guide steps are added in the document.

1116239 - Visual Studio Plugin does not recognize workspaces with umlaut characters

Umlaut character were not recognized by the workspaces/file/folder paths.

AccuRev Visual Studio Plug-in 2019.1
1.2 MB
Mar 4, 2021
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Product compatibility
Version 7.5 · 7.4
Release notes

Visual Studio plugin 2019.1

AccuRev Plug-In for Visual Studio PE Version 2019.1 includes the following enhancement:

  • 1115743 and 1115865 - The plugin can now can be used by standard users, and does not require admin privileges.
AccuRev Visual Studio Plug-in 2018.2
4.0 MB
Mar 4, 2021
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Product compatibility
Version 7.5 · 7.4
Release notes

Version 2018.2

636584 - Send to Issue for solution items

In current release, user will be able to associate issues to Visual Studio solution items from the AccuRev context menu.

636585 - Remove from Issue for solution items

In current release, user will be able to remove issues associated to Visual Studio solution items from the AccuRev context menu.

636586 - Remove from Ignore for solution items

In current release, functionality is added to allow user to remove item in ignored status from the .acignore file.

112329 - Issues with AccuRev 7.1 Web interface with VS Plugin

In previous release, when user did AccuRev Annotate or Version browser from Visual Studio, the embedded browser used to throw "Browser version not supported". This has been fixed in current release.

636595 - Update AccuRev icons

In previous release, old AccuRev icons used to show up intermittently for AccuRev prompts. This has been fixed in current release.

636596 - Automatic include acignore in VS solution

In current release, if user creates/modifies .acignore file, by “Add to Ignore” or “Remove from Ignore” action, it will automatically get added into the Visual Studio solution. This will enable user to include .acignore file from AccuRev plugin itself. This functionality can be disabled from AccuRev plugin settings.

632839 - Add Info & Debug logging capability

In current release, support for Info & Debug logging level has been added.

636597 - Provide option to set logging level from GUI

In previous release, logging level change could be done only by manually modifying configuration file. This has been changed in current release. Now user can set various logging level from AccuRev plugin settings.


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