Course 3178 provides content related to iPrint 3 software. It is designed to help iPrint administrators become familiar with and proficient in most aspects of iPrint that are necessary to manage an iPrint system such as Appliance configuration, system management, user management, and printer creation and management - from PCs and mobile devices.

Upon completion of the course, the student should be able to set up a basic iPrint system that includes users and configured printers that are ready to print. The student will know how to define printers and printer locations, how to prepare the iPrint environment for mobile printing - including mobile print rendering, and how to setup printing from an iPrint client based system or a mobile device (iOS or Android).

Audience Summary:

The audience for the iPrint Administration (Course 3178) includes new iPrint system administrators, training partners, technical-support staff, and network integrators.

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Course outline

Course Outline:

  1. Configure the iPrint Appliance
    • Install the iPrint Appliance
    • Prepare the iPrint Virtual Appliance In VMWare
    • Start the iPrint Appliance
    • Setup the Appliance
    • Add Users From a Directory Source
  2. Create the iPrint Printer Environment
    • Install the iPrint Client
    • Setup iPrint Printing
    • View the Driver Store
    • Add Drivers to the Driver Store
    • View the Print Manager
    • Create Printer Objects
    • Configure Printer Administration
    • Test the Configuration
    • Implement WalkUp Printing
    • Import Printers from an Existing OES iPrint System
  3. Prepare For Mobile Printing
    • Configure Rendering
    • Prepare Windows 7
    • Download and Install the iPrint Windows Renderer
    • Configure the iPrint Windows Renderer
    • Configure Email Printing
  4. Print From a Mobile Device
    • Print from a Mobile Device
    • Configure the iPrint App
    • Print a Photo
    • Print a Document
    • Print From an Email Client
    • Review Printing


Students taking the course should be familiar with the basics a Linux-based Appliance and Windows. Familiarity with eDirectory and iManager will be a big plus for students. Networking and VMware skills are also useful.


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