KnowledgeBroker (KBI), Micro focus/HPE’s ‘premier’ partner content provider, has put together a free DemoBase to test in Service Manager and in Service Anywhere. See for yourself how easy the KBI Desktop Computer Support KnowledgeBase is to load and use. Full integration instructions and an unlimited use license are included in the download package. Just click on this link, fill out the form and you will be given a free Demo Knowledgebase to try out.

How does the integration work? The KBI KnowledgeBase imports into Service Manager through an import utility that is included with HP Service Manager/Service Anywhere. Both the KBI DemoBase and KnowledgeBase have been optimized to use all of the capabilities, features and functions of the host system. An illustrated step-by-step integration guide is included in the download package.

Are there categories that can be used to pare down the search? We have applied two levels of categorization to every solution. The high-level category groups are typically categories for applications [ Example: Microsoft Desktop Applications, Operating Systems, Graphic Applications]. The second level category is the name of the specific application it supports. [ Example: Windows 10, Adobe Acrobat 10.0] This level is the same as the folder names. Since KBI content resides within HP SM and HP SA, you can also take full advantage of 'Advanced Search' features and 'Search within Results' built into HP SM and HP SA to quickly get to a solution.

What is the easiest way to test the search to see how the content interacts with Service Manager? Since this is a limited subset of our content, we have included a list of all the topics in the KnowledgeBase that comes with the download package. When you use any phrase on this list, you should come up with a search result. A quick read through the list will give your team a great sense of the kinds of topics we write at KBI

How often are KnowledgeBroker’s KnowledgeBase Support Solutions updated? We update the Content quarterly with new topics and completely NEW titles through an annual subscription.. When we post new content to our FTP download site, we automatically send you an email letting your team know that new content is ready for download. Using an unique identifier built into each article, new content overwrites old and new Support Solutions are added to the KnowledgeBase.

What if we do a search and don’t find an answer? Capture and send us any questions that are not answered by our KnowledgeBase for the titles we support. We will research the answer, write a solution and include it in our next quarterly shipment. There is NO additional charge for this service.

Can KnowledgeBroker help us write content for our proprietary applications? Absolutely! KnowledgeBroker will be glad to team with your organization to develop and write searchable content for your proprietary applications. Once it is approved we will send it to you ready for import and optimized publishing in Service Manager/Service Anywhere. Just let us know if you want additional information about this service.

How can we find out more about your special Micro Focus 60–Day Trial? Give us a call [+1 622.441.0702], send us an email [ ] or go to our web site - and complete a ‘Request info’ form. KBI Roadmap: We ask our clients what they need for standard service definitions. We also can support you with updated custom content as needed based on the agreement between our organizations.

Minimum Requirements

ITSM products and from version 7.1 on

CRM with KM

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KBI KnowledgeBase Trial for Service Manager 1.0
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Aug 30, 2015
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Product compatibility
Version 7.10 · 7.11 · 7.0
Version 9.20 · 9.21 · 9.30 · 9.31 · 9.32 · 9.33 · 9.34 · 9.40 · 9.41 · 9.35 · 9.50 · 9.51 · 9.52 · 9.60 · 9.61 · 9.62 · 9.63 · 9.64 · 9.70 · 9.71 · 9.72
Version 2017.07 · 2017.11
Version 2018.02 · 2018.05 · 2018.08 · 2018.11.0
Version 2019.02 · 2019.05 · 2019.08 · 2019.11
Version 2020.02 · 2020.05 · 2020.08 · 2020.11
Version 2021.02 · 2021.05 · 2021.08 · 2021.11
Version 2022.02 · 2022.05 · 2022.11
Version 2023.05
Release notes

KBI KnowledgeBase Trial for Service Manager


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