The problem with service management environments, traditionally, is to drive engagement and adoption. Usually this has to do with the community not having an understanding of the capabilities, functionality available. A natural hesitation exists in the community to try various things on a platform, and as such the purpose of this Game is to create a guided environment, that has been gamified, to demonstrate the capabilities, functionality available from the SMAX Service Portal. This is all about involving the community and introducing activities that can be beneficial to them.
With this game, we introduce the audience to the SMAX Service Portal by means of challenges. Each challenge has been set up to ensure that the participant can reach the goal and as such subsequently finish the game. As part of the game, we have included knowledge content that provides a “how to” with the aim to guide the participant to successfully complete the challenges.
These challenges have been created utilizing the concept of gamification with a little bit of a storyline. However, depending on variables, the participant would be guided to various stages of the game, the first steps of the game are linear thereafter based on the participants input various directions could be followed to the finish of the game.
The game allows the participants to interact with each of the following components available via the SMAX Service Portal:
• General Navigation
• Submission of offerings
• Change logged in users’ avatar
• Language preferences
• Mobile portal access
• Interaction with virtual agent
• View and access News content
• View and access Knowledge content
• View and access Service and Assets
• Crowdsourcing via Ask Friends
• Ideation
• Request management

Due to the nature of the game and specific activities that needs to be performed certain elements of the application has been pre-set to allow for the game to function. These can be configured and or changed based on your environment and or specific actions that you may want to present to your user community. These pre-set elements are outlined in the implementation section of this document.

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The Game 1
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Jan 25, 2024
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Product compatibility
Version 23.4
Version 24.1 · 24.2
Release notes

Refer to release document section for implementation guidelines.

Implementation timing roughly 4-6 hours, depending on approach.

If utilizing SaaS subscription, a request needs to be logged to allow .html widgets for the Service Portal. To facilitate ease of implementation, please keep content naming conventions or you need go and alter these on the rulesets. Knowledge Article content utilized for the application are included and can be amended if required. The concept of the dice has also been included along with the images used. All of this content is available from Supporting-Content library.


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