AccuRev (formerly Borland® AccuRev) is a software configuration management tool that addresses complex parallel and distributed development environments with stream-based architecture to accelerate development processes and improve asset reuse.

AccuRev 7.0 Data Sheet
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AccuRev Enterprise Edition Data Sheet
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  • Minimize errors associated with manual merging and improve your release tails.
  • Efficiently propagate changes seamlessly and instantly through stream inheritance.
  • Ensure that only “known-good” changes are developed and built against, thus improving maturity of change across the software delivery lifecycle.
  • Adopt best practices such as Change Based Development with Change Packages.
Stream-based architecture accelerates software delivery

Streams are the building blocks to supporting multitudes of parallel codebases of varying degrees of complexity. They are extremely lightweight and allow the ability to decouple and manage various configurations for any stage of development. Streams understand relationships with other streams. This means less impact to manual merging as code-configurations are instantly “inherited.”

Use Change-Based Development to increase visibility and traceability

Modern software practices need full team collaboration. Working with "change" as an asset, your whole team—developers, testers, product managers and customers—speak the same business language. Change Packages guarantee which stories, issues, and defects are in a release and the “change asset” is traceable throughout the entire SDLC.

Modeling the development process and workflow

With AccuRev, your development teams have the ability to graphically model their development process which provides them with the ability to dynamically control all “in progress” changes for the entire global development organization. By modeling the development process, Streams now represent logical stages and can be adapted for a Multi-Stage Continuous Integration model.

Ensure 100% reproducibility of a code base at any time

All processes and operations are TimeSafe. This guarantees the reproducibility of your source base and enables a strong and traceable audit trail. This eliminates any chance of introducing data corruption, broken builds, or indeterminate states of source code. In support of Sarbanes-Oxley or other governances, the ability to rebuild any release or code-base at any time is crucial.

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"We estimate AccuRev has increased our productivity by 30%. Updates which would take 10-15 minutes in ClearCase are taking just seconds with AccuRev."
Ed Kovalev   /   Technical Project Manager,  Microlistics