StarTeam® (formerly Borland® StarTeam) delivers changes across multiple ALM repositories and tools, as the single source of truth. It’s an enterprise change management system, serving both centralized and geographically distributed development teams, helping them achieve their highest level of software delivery. Stakeholders have high confidence and can make well-informed decisions in real time, while maintaining visibility and traceability across all software assets.

  • Easily track changes to source code, defects, features, tasks, and more
  • Tailor workflow processes to the needs of your organization
  • Gain full capability across all integrated assets
  • Increase visibility by comparing cross-project data
  • Data warehouse for comprehensive data analytics to improve project visibility
Single source of truth for managing change

StarTeam supports enterprise-scale development, including geographically distributed development. Hundreds of development projects for potentially thousands of users benefit from the central control and visibility provided by a single repository. Ultimately, stakeholders have the ability to maintain and track changes to source code, defects, features, and other assets, providing control over distributed and collaborative development.

Automate your software delivery with confidence

Improve release management through traceability and development efficiency. All delivery artifacts automatically link as a natural part of the development process. Automated time tracking, snapshots, and versioning all span the entire ALM tool landscape without the need to manually integrate or synchronize multiple repositories or tools.

Bring disconnected teams and assets together

Provide a single source of change management for teams, tools and processes—regardless of whether teams are co-located or geographically distributed. The whole team has complete visibility and connectivity of their entire software life-cycle to confidently deliver what their customers need, every time. Stakeholders leverage the ability for complete versioning, baselining, and reporting of all their assets to gain visibility over the changes that define each deliverable.

Adapt to any process at any time

Customizable workflows allow for a flexible, integrated workflow engine which helps you design the process and rules for releasing software. With greater control, teams can define, store, manage, version, and snapshot any process artifacts to increase application lifecycle efficiency. This improves team collaboration, and reduces rework and time-to-market. You can tailor and extend customizable workflow processes and forms to ensure maximum efficiency throughout the software development life-cycle.

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"StarTeam provides massive time savings within the release cycle. I would say over the years the ROI can be translated into several million dollars."
Yaniv Lugassy   /   Director of Tools and Methods,  Traiana