Micro Focus Silk Central Offers Testing, Reporting, Quality, and Requirements Visualization

Overview of Micro Focus Dimensions RM

Dimensions RM is a full-featured requirements management solution. It’s a web-based tool that improves the management, reuse, and definition of your requirements while also improving collaboration and traceability.

Micro Focus Dimensions RM has the following capabilities:

  • Management centralization and visibility of requirements across the development lifecycle
  • Effective management through either traditional or Agile approaches
  • Efficient collaboration and coordination across releases, tools, and teams
  • Comprehensive traceability reports and metrics to boost progress

Reusable requirements simplify variant management

Dimensions RM is unique because it supports reuse of complex scenarios and helps identify already-defined requirements. This simplifies variant management and inheritance. All requirements are available to view on either public or private dashboards so that you have detailed visibility into the progress of the project and the requirements across the entire application lifestyle.

Configurable workflows for Agile-driven requirements

Free, configurable workflows are a huge advantage with Dimensions RM. These customizable workflows define lifecycles of requirements and other artifacts. With the graphical editor tool, you can define states and transitions while maintaining security, access rights, and visibility. Other Agile capabilities include management of backlogs, storyboards, and burndowns. Both Agile and traditional artifacts can be visualized and linked together to support hybrid approaches on all levels.

Extra features of Dimensions RM

All your application development needs are met with Dimension RM’s Prototype Composer feature. You can quickly and accurately simulate the way an application will look and perform without even writing any code. Prototype Composer simplifies collaboration with simple, high-fidelity prototypes that increase your productivity. Because of the high traceability of Dimension RM, you can integrate it perfectly with Micro Focus Dimensions CM. Also available is end-to-end process management with Business Manager feature, so you have all the tools you need.

Faster collaboration using Microsoft Word

In addition to Dimension RM’s smooth integration with other Micro Focus products, it also enables users to share and work collaboratively on requirements using Microsoft Word. You can publish requirements to a Word document that can be viewed offline. Any updates can be updated, reviewed, and shared so that you can communicate quickly and effectively.

Standardize requirements exchange with ReqIF import

Requirements Interchange Format, or ReqIF, is an interface supported comprehensively by Micro Focus Dimension RM. ReqIF supports the standardized exchange of requirements and associated metadata with other kinds of requirements management tools. Dimension RM also provides a simple and automated way to integrate your data.

Dimensions RM offers efficient flexibility for Agile

Between seamless integration, traditional and Agile approaches, and dynamic link browsers, Micro Focus Dimensions RM has the flexibility you need. Because Dimensions RM has Agile-driven requirements, you get capabilities such as storyboard, backlogs, and burndowns. Any traditional artifacts can be easily visualized along with Agile artifacts to support your hybrid approaches.