Simplify Data Migrations

Use powerful capabilities to migrate data between network platforms.

Storage Manager includes powerful migration capabilities to efficiently move data without disruptions while retaining established file system rights. Plus, it’s cost effective.

Migrating data in an OES network using Storage Manager is a simple, automated process. Using the Storage Manager Cross-Empire Data Migration subsystem, it's also easy to migrate data from NetWare or OES to a Microsoft network. With every migration, Micro Focus Storage Manager retains all important metadata and timestamp information.

Simplify Data Migrations

If you're needing to migrate user and group folders from one Active Directory forest to another, there is a Cross-Empire Data Migration subsystem option for that too.

Simplify Data Migrations

During a data migration, Micro Focus Storage Manager moves home directories one at a time. If users are logged in during the migration, Micro Focus Storage Manager simply skips over their home directories and proceeds. When it finishes the initial migration process, Micro Focus Storage Manager checks back to see if skipped users have logged out. If they have, it moves their directories. If the users are still logged in, Storage Manager continues to check their login status until they log out.

Micro Focus Storage Manager maintains all user access rights as it migrates user and group storage.

Cross-Empire Data Migration is available only through a Solution Pack license purchase of the particular subsystem you want. For example, if you wanted to migrate user and group data from one Active Directory forest to another, you would purchase Storage Manager for Active Directory + the AD to AD Cross-Empire Data Migration Solution Pack.