Extend Your Identity Management System’s Capabilities

Link file management to identity management and automate the entire user lifecycle.

An identity management solution that fails to provision and manage network storage is an incomplete solution. Use Micro Focus Storage Manager to extend the benefits of user lifecycle management to include automated user network storage management.

Because Micro Focus Storage Manager uses the same directory as your identity management system (NetIQ eDirectory™ or Microsoft Active Directory), it can take user storage action when your identity management system takes user account action. When the identity management system creates a user account in the directory, makes the user a member of a group, and sets the user’s rights, Micro Focus Storage Manager can establish a network home folder for the user and provision it with documents the user needs. Micro Focus Storage Manager establishes the home folder’s location, access rights, and disk-space quota according to the user’s role.

With Micro Focus Storage Manager, you can combine role-based application access with role-based storage provisioning and access.

When an employee changes roles and the identity management system reassigns access rights, Micro Focus Storage Manager can move and then update the user’s home folder by provisioning new documents, updating access rights, and more. Finally, when the identity management system removes a user account from the directory, Micro Focus Storage Manager can remove the user’s home folder from primary storage, either transferring it to an archive location or deleting it altogether.

Micro Focus Storage Manager works with any account provisioning or identity management system that populates user accounts into NetIQ eDirectory or Active Directory.

Extend Your Identity Management System’s Capabilities