Establish and Enforce Role-Based Access

Create policies that grant and restrict access based on users’ roles.

Different users need different levels of access. Your accounting department doesn’t need the same resources your marketing department does, so your home folder quotas and file system rights should vary according to users’ roles.

With Micro Focus Storage Manager, you can establish one policy that pertains to all members of the accounting organizational unit (OU) in the directory tree, and another that pertains to members of the marketing OU. The policies can define where the system places each OU’s network home folders, and the folders’ access rights, disk-space quotas and more.

To manage storage for group members, Micro Focus Storage Manager lets you create directory-services-based group policies that grant access to network storage areas and lets you create personal folders in collaborative storage areas on the network.

Role-based access in collaborative storage areas enables all kinds of workflow-improvement possibilities. For example, many school districts use Micro Focus Storage Manager to create course-specific storage areas where students can collaborate on work projects, instructors can distribute homework and students can securely turn in assignments.