Filr is also a part of Open Workgroup Suite.

Unlike other mobile file access and collaborative file sharing solutions, Micro Focus Filr (formerly Novell® Filr) has been designed with the enterprise in mind, resulting in less administration, better security, and more productive users.

  • Data anywhere, anytime: Enhanced mobile features mean you can work anywhere.
  • Looks familiar: Designed like social media, Filr has an easy-to-use format.
  • Safety backup: Filr can remotely wipe data from devices that get lost or stolen.
Take back control

Filr enables you and your IT staff to determine which users are allowed to share files, which files they can share, and with whom they can share them.

Leverage existing file servers

You’ve already set up your access rights, quotas, firewalls, backup, and disaster recovery systems. Filr leverages all of that by working with your file servers and Active Directory or NetIQ eDirectory™.

Brings the office everywhere

Make users productive from day one. Filr gives users access to all their files and shared network folders from any device or location. Wherever they are, users can access files and folders as if they’re in the office.

Above the clouds

There are other file syncing and sharing solutions on the market. Here's why Filr is better.

Micro Focus Filr edition comparison

See how the different versions of Filr compare here.

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"All three products are well designed and intuitive for both the administrator and the end user. Implementation was much easier than I thought."
Kevin Salisbury,  TWIN MRO

In the niche market for turbine engines, TWIN MRO found that Novell, now a part of Micro Focus, had products that were flexible and great for mobile use.

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The University of Regensburg in Germany uses Micro Focus Filr because of its seamless access to files from any location or device.

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To achieve a secure and efficient environment, Rocco Forte Hotel uses Filr and Micro Focus iPrint in synchronization for a better workplace.

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