Brings the Office to the Beach

Take the office with you while maintaining security.

Cloud file syncing and sharing services have given users a taste of how easy file sharing can be, but those services aren't secure. One service suffered a 4-hour window when anyone could log into any account using any password, and other services have experienced security lapses and hacks as well. Not surprisingly, a DCIG study found that 90% of CIOs said their greatest data leakage concern is loss of control.

Filr gives users access to the same files and folders they see on their desktop computers, no matter where users are or what device they're using. Because users have access to their home folders, they do not have to re-create their file structure. They do not have to move files between systems or email files to themselves or others. This helps avoid duplicate files, which can hold back user productivity.

IT can also give users the same anywhere access to network folders. Whole groups or departments can work remotely while remaining productive and secure.