Take Back Control

Easily share files without leaving your on-premise file servers.

Filr gives IT an enterprise-class alternative to the cloud-based file sharing services many users are leveraging under the radar. With Filr, files are easily accessed and shared without leaving your on-premise file servers. Filr also allows users to share files both internally and externally while giving IT control over which files users can and cannot share.

Filr provides two types of file sharing. With external sharing, users outside your organization can view and edit documents based on rights given to them by your internal users. You can allow, disallow, limit, or monitor external sharing.

With public sharing, people outside your organization can view documents through a URL, but cannot make edits or access any other parts of Filr. This is ideal for sharing marketing materials such as press releases.

In all cases of sharing, you maintain control over your organization's content. You can establish tight controls to ensure that all files remain within corporate storage, or you can establish looser controls that allow different degrees of external access and sharing. Filr gives you complete visibility into your organization's files.

Take Back Control