Impossibly Fast Backup and Disaster Recovery for GroupWise

Ensure your most critical data is always current and available.

Complete backups of your GroupWise data

When your GroupWise system goes down, you need to get it back up and running as fast as possible. GroupWise® Disaster Recovery provides immediate recovery and full restoration of all or any portion of your mail system. Whether it’s a domain, a mailbox, or a single email, GroupWise Disaster Recovery provides complete recovery in the midst of a disaster.

GroupWise Disaster Recovery is the fastest backup and failover tool for GroupWise. In addition to complete restoration of your system, it also provides hot backups of post offices and domains. These backups ensure that your most critical data is always current and available.

A low-cost, fast, easy, mobile friendly disaster recovery tool

Simply put, GroupWise Disaster Recovery is fast. The rapid backup capabilities enable you to perform 10 simultaneous backups and access intra-day backups of post offices. Even if you are doing daily backups, its unique design stores approximately 12% of the total size of the post office each day.

Because GroupWise Disaster Recovery provides one-click disaster recovery and single instance storage, you no longer need multiple disaster recovery tools or costly storage solutions. You can also choose how you store your data. Whether it’s behind your organization firewall, off-site, or as a hybrid of on-prem, your data is securely stored and easily accessible.

Finally, recovering accidentally deleted data no longer involves contacting IT. GroupWise Disaster Recovery features an “auto reload” button which allows users to retrieve emails, calendar items, or attachments with a single click, which significantly reduces the amount of Helpdesk calls.

GroupWise Disaster Recovery is optimized for easy viewing and performing all processes from both your mobile and desktop devices.

Stress-free administration

Finally, a disaster recovery solution that requires little management. GroupWise Disaster Recovery requires no additional software installation. Everything you need is included in the package. Featured is a web interface that provides a central point for all administration tasks, including monitoring system health, checking available disk space, and more.

GroupWise Disaster Recovery also provides you with daily reports and notifications that include statistical information such as backup runtime and backup completion time. You can configure the solution to send email notifications to multiple recipients to alert your specified administrators when preconfigured thresholds have been exceeded. The web administration also includes context-sensitive help, which provides relevant information when and where you need it.

Migrate and rebuild with ease

Not only does GroupWise Disaster Recovery feature disaster recovery tools, but also includes migration and rebuilding tools. You can easily migrate your email data back to a production server or migrate a post office or domain from one platform to another. Multi-system integration enables you to migrate from one platform to another effortlessly. GroupWise Disaster Recovery can also solve your GroupWise rebuild issues. Instead of taking days to fully restore end user index after a database rebuild, search abilities are restored in a matter of minutes.

GWAVA is now a part of Micro Focus. To learn more about GroupWise Disaster Recovery, please visit the GWAVA product page until the web transition is complete.