As the fastest backup and failover tool available for GroupWise®, GroupWise Disaster Recovery (formerly Reload for GroupWise), delivers quick message restoration as well as hot backups of post offices and domains, ensuring that critical data is always current and available. Choose from on-premise or cloud options.

  • Failover. Disaster Recovery can serve as a GroupWise system, if your live system goes down
  • Push-button recovery. Allows for immediate recovery and full restoration of all or any portion of your mail system
  • Built for speed. Perform up to 10 simultaneous backups
  • Designed for GroupWise. Ensure perfect backups of your entire GroupWise system
  • Detailed reports. See exactly what’s happening each time you perform a backup

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Push-button Recovery

This solution provides one-click GroupWise disaster recovery. With hot backups of the GroupWise system, GroupWise Disaster Recovery allows for immediate recovery and full restoration of all or any portion of your mail system—a domain, a mailbox, or a single email.

Push-button Recovery
Available on premises, in the cloud, or as a hybrid of cloud and on-prem

Whether you choose to store your data on-prem or in the cloud, or as a hybrid, GroupWise Disaster Recovery ensures your data is easily accessible and completely secure.

Available on premises, in the cloud, or as a hybrid of cloud and on-prem
Take advantage of SmartPurge technology

Ensure that your GroupWise system is entirely backed up with SmartPurge Technology, which ensures that none of your message data is purged until it’s backed up by the server.

Take advantage of SmartPurge technology
New architecture for faster backups

GroupWise Disaster Recovery features a Collector/Server model which creates faster backups and needs less space and processing power.

New architecture for faster backups
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"We now have the peace of mind that all our GroupWise infrastructure has been archived and backed up and not just the Head Office. We do not worry about the regions contacting us about GroupWise emails they have deleted by accident and we cannot get back. All in all a fantastic solution for keeping our investment in GroupWise up and running even when we have hardware problems or users whose emails disappear without their knowledge. I believe all GroupWise systems should have Reload and Retain installed."
Andrew Simpson   /   IT System Manager,  PCS
Stanley Tee

A burst water pipe caused Stanley Tee’s SAN to become unusable. Thanks to GroupWise Disaster Recovery, employees were still able to access their email within minutes of the catastrophe.

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Sisecam used GroupWise Disaster Recovery to help their GroupWise system post office save time when restoring emails.

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Sacramento City

The school district implemented GroupWise Disaster Recovery for immediate backups, quick data restoration, and push-button disaster recovery.

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