Linux User Management

Streamline the user experience.

Linux User Management eliminates the need to create local users manually in the /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow files on each Linux machine in your network. You can even create groups, import large numbers of Linux users, and establish and easily maintain Linux system profiles, all from within Micro Focus eDirectory™.

Linux User Management streamlines the user experience as well since they no longer have to log in to individual Linux machines using information stored manually in the machines themselves.

With Linux User Management running on Linux resources, authorization requests are redirected to Micro Focus eDirectory. Users can enter their Micro Focus eDirectory username and password—just once—to gain access to every resource to which they have rights, regardless of platform. And they have the same privileges to Linux that would ordinarily have to be stored manually in local accounts, or that would require redirection to other authentication methods, such as the Network Information Service. With Linux User Management, it truly is as simple as one click of a button.