Cost Savings over Windows Server

Save time, save money, and reduce risk.

You have the best directory services infrastructure. You have the most advanced file system. You have users' favorite print interface. Why would you switch that out? It will cost you more, and you may not even reach feature parity.

A move to Windows Server results in significant costs that can take away from more strategic projects. Did you know that using Open Enterprise Server with built-in XEN virtualization can cut hardware and admin costs by 88% over Windows Server alone? That's what our customers are telling us.

Additionally, the risks and effort associated with migrating data and services from NetWare® to Open Enterprise Server on Linux are significantly reduced when comparing the same migration to Windows Server.

Using Dynamic Storage Technology has proven to reduce daily storage costs by 70% when considering the costs of hardware, administration time, and power.

Don't rip and replace when you can interoperate.

Open Enterprise Server can work alongside other operating systems. In fact, you don't have to spin up additional Active Directory servers every time you deploy a new business app. With Open Enterprise Server, you can use your existing Micro Focus eDirectory™ architecture for those applications as well. It's so good at imitating AD that it even tricks Microsoft products!

Save your money and efforts for strategic projects. With Open Enterprise Server you can control the costs of a growing infrastructure with built-in consolidation options. It's inherently more efficient. Plus, you have XEN or VMware virtualization to consider.