Caliber (formerly Borland® Caliber) is a complete requirements solution which ensures compliance and alignment of development to your business needs. Caliber facilitates stakeholder collaboration, rich visualization, robust management, and traceability of requirements to Agile delivery plans. Deliver software with greater precision, less re-work, shorter release cycles, compliance with internal and external regulations, and improved customer satisfaction.

Requirements management

Caliber provides the traceability to model internal relationships between requirements, as well as external relationships with regulatory controls. This traceability supports impact analysis, so you can understand when requirements change and how those changes impact your project. Manage the requirements with version control, traceability, impact analysis, and requirement reuse.

Requirements visualization

Visualize requirements as interactive, testable user flows to increase clarity. Automatically generate test cases from defined scenarios and collect feedback in context to ensure that requirements are clearly defined. Storyboards ensure that processes, requirements, and business rules are complete, while application simulations increase precision and understanding prior to development.

Traceability and real-time impact analysis

Caliber provides automatic generation and reporting of customized trace tables. The built-in control immediately detects orphans and highlights suspect traces to help evaluate project quality. Caliber's traceability helps to maintain scope and ensures compliance for highly regulated environments.

Collaboration and review

Facilitate collaboration across business stakeholders with Caliber Review. See related attributes, traces, and discussions to ensure stakeholder participation and feedback. Create filters to show only items which require review/approval, and approve baselines with electronic signatures. Gather input, socialize requirements, and capture approval quickly and precisely. Review access is completely license-free and allows anybody in the enterprise to access Caliber content and to provide feedback without charge.

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"It’s a good investment. With Caliber, we have seen that design studies are faster, and testers can find the information they need much quicker. The result is better quality applications for our customers."
Rickard Rickardsson   /   Global Software Development,  NASDAQ OMX

Caliber, Silk Central, and StarTeam integrate to deliver 40% improved efficiency while providing full traceability.

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NASDAQ OMX addresses a complex and growing requirements framework with Micro Focus® Caliber.

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