If you’re looking to archive your company’s communication data, look no further than Retain Unified Archiving. All your email, social media, and mobile communication data is easily accessible from one central archive—both on-prem and in the cloud. End-users and administrators can quickly access, search, and audit audit archived communication data to find and restore the valuable information they need. Within the archive you can easily place litigation holds, print, forward, save, redact, and export the message data.

  • Email archiving: Archive email from your Exchange, Office 365, Gmail, GroupWise, Bloomberg, and IBM Notes systems with ease.
  • Deploy on premises or in the cloud: Enjoy the same features and capabilities both on premises and in the cloud.
  • Regulatory compliance: Ensure regulatory compliance by archiving email, social media, and mobile data.
  • Social media archiving: Access your company’s social media data in one central, secure archive.
  • Mobile communication archiving: Archive the valuable business communication data on your organization’s Android, iOS, and BlackBerry corporate or BYOD devices.
On-prem and cloud archiving

Your social media, email, and mobile communication data contains valuable business information. Retain Unified Archiving and Retain Cloud Archiving provide a central location for you to archive, easily access, and audit the data both on premises and in the cloud. This ensures you don’t fall victim to the risks and costs associated with missing or deleted business data.

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On-prem and cloud archiving
Ensure social media compliance

Take control of your social media accounts and ensure your employees are remaining compliant with corporate policies. All your corporate social media posts, videos, and message threads are available in one central archive which enables you to ensure all your accounts are regulated and compliant.

Ensure social media compliance
Access your mobile communication data

Archive all your mobile communication data, even on employee-owned BYOD devices. By archiving your mobile communication data, including text messages and phone call logs, you ensure your employees are compliant, protected against data leaks, and have access to the valuable corporate data contained on mobile devices.

Access your mobile communication data
Optimize system performance

Increase system performance by archiving your business email data. By archiving your valuable email content, you reduce your storage needs and the strain on your email server so that your system runs more freely. Your end-users and administrators can still access the valuable information they need, without slowing down your system.

Optimize system performance
Welcome to Archiving 2.0

Email archiving ›

Retain Email enables you to archive your Exchange, Office 365, Gmail, IBM Notes, Skype for Business, and Bloomberg Professional email data into one central archive.

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Retain Social Media Archiving ›

Monitor and archive social media data in real-time with Retain Social. Ensure your company’s social media accounts are compliant with corporate policies, and are used correctly by your employees.

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Mobile archiving ›

Archive iOS, Android, and BlackBerry device text messages, and more with Retain Mobile. Whether your data is stored on corporate devices or BYOD devices, you can archive and access the data from the unified central archive.

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"With 60,000 external e-mail messages and 300,000 internal email messages a month, Retain provides us exactly what we need. The investment has already paid for itself in the 500 GB reduction in space on our SAN. We were nearing capacity on the SAN. a huge amount for an organization our size. Plus, our users now have 100% access. It has really reduced the amount of time IT has had to spend doing email discovery. It’s much easier to search the system for formal discovery as well."
Paul Rudin   /   Network Admin  Grand Bank & Trust of Florida
Roosevelt Island

Roosevelt Island needed to implement IT system solutions while ensuring they could still access valuable data. Retain Unified Archiving easily met their specific security and archiving needs.

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Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS)

The UK’s largest civil service trade union, PCS, used Retain to implement a central archiving strategy.

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A leading IT-service provider for Austria used Retain to meet legal compliance requirements.

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City of East Grand Rapids

The city of East Grand Rapids implemented Retain in order to remain compliant with the Freedom of Information Act.

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