Complete eDiscovery with Retain

Perform quick and easy eDiscovery and searches of your email, text messages, and social media.
Easily access, browse, and search your archived communication data

Retain Unified Archiving provides multi-platform message archiving of all email, social media, and mobile communication data for case assessment, search, and eDiscovery, and can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud. The archive is directly accessible by end-users and administrators through Retain’s Web Access Archive Viewer, so that your organization can quickly access, search, and audit archived communication data, which reduces costs, mitigates risk, and manages complexity.

Complete eDiscovery built right in

Retain Unified Archiving includes built-in eDiscovery tools at no additional cost. Easily place litigation holds, print, forward, save, redact, strikeout, and export message data. Data is exported to PST, PDF, or the stand-alone portable archive viewer formats, which is fully indexed, searchable, and includes a table of contents for quick browsing. Specific named users can be given rights based access to the entire archive (administrators, managers, human resources, legal teams, etc.), and end-users can access their personal archive to browse, forward, and restore archived items.

eDiscovery and archive access

Administrators, records managers, and other authorized users can perform eDiscovery and complete regulatory tasks with easy-to-use, built-in tools. The simple, intuitive browser-based interface makes eDiscovery quick and easy. This enables you to be ready for open records requests for message data whether it’s email, text messages, or social media posts.

Litigation holds and tagging

To protect messages that could potentially be involved in litigation, you can flag specific accounts or individual archived messages in Retain and place it on legal hold to protect it from deletion. Administrators and end-users can create custom tags for messages within the archive. Auditors, administrators, and other authorized users can also mark archived messages as confidential. These marked messages can only be viewed or searched by users who have been granted rights to them.


Retain includes built-in redaction. Information in the archive can be redacted when it is exported as part of an eDiscovery request or in litigation. This prevents personal, confidential, sensitive, or other information from being included as public record.

Compliant archiving

Stay compliant by meeting regulatory standards for archiving. The Retain archive features WORM storage (Write Once, Read Many), granular retention policies, eDiscovery, exporting, full auditing and logging capabilities, archive access control, and encryption.

Audit trail

Retain creates a searchable audit trail of all administrators and users who have permission to search the archive, enabling you to have a record of all activity.

Archive access permissions

Grant and limit access to users, administrators, or others access to the features and functionality of the Retain system, based on the roles you set with Retain’s Access Control List.

Powerful archive search capabilities

Retain Unified Archiving features a powerful tool for quick and easy searches of your stored data. The tool provides results as you begin to request information and includes suggestions for searches as search terms are entered, including subject, body text, email addresses, tags, users, and more. The search tool supports limited regular expressions (REGEX) terms, which enables you to search for social security numbers, credit card numbers, and other relevant data. The tool also removes duplicate records from the results, reducing the number of hits for your specific search data.

Your archive is more than just a repository for your data—it’s a valuable resource. Gain powerful insights into your corporate communication data with Retain. Take action today to have an archive that is complete, compliant, and easily searchable with Retain Unified Archiving.

Highlighted results

As you search, letters and words in your query are highlighted in the search results, which enables you to quickly find what you’re looking for.

Number of hits

For every search that you make, Retain displays the number of total hits. These hits are organized into the following areas:

  • Fields: Subject, sender, recipient, domain, attachment name, message content, and category
  • Scope: Mail, phone message, appointment, task, note, SMS, MMS, phone call, PIN, BMM, wall posts, requests, chats, likes, events, status updates, comments, searches, group posts, and webmail
  • Item source: Received, personal, sent, and draft
  • Date range: Received date, sent date, begin date, between dates, or last week, last month, and last year
  • Mailbox: All or selected
  • Tags: Global tags or personal tags
  • Miscellaneous: Litigation hold (true or false), and confidential (true or false)
Sortable columns

Sort the search results by type, subject, recipients, and date columns alphabetically or by date.

Advanced searches

The Advanced Search Tab features extensive advanced search options that offer and/or and group searching across 27 fields, including tags and status (opened, read, and private).