Service Support Manager on Demand (formerly Serena Service Manager On Demand) is a SaaS-based orchestrated service management system. SSM on Demand implements Service Support Manager and Service Request Center on the cloud without losing any of the powerful functionality that's available on-premises.

ITSM Evaluator's Checklist
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Service Support Manager Data Sheet
Data Sheet Service Support Manager Data Sheet
  • Software as a service. All the power of on-premises solutions; all the scaling and cost savings of the cloud.
  • Service Support Manager (SSM). On-demand delivery of a complete IT service management (ITSM) solution.
  • Service Request Center (SRC). Cloud-based software for creating a single point of contact with your IT organization.
Operating system
  • Windows
  • Mac
Server type
  • IIS / Tomcat Intel Xeon X3460 2.8 GHz 4 Cores, 8 Threads 8 GB 1 Gbps
  • Database Intel Xeon X3460 3.2 GHz 4 Cores, 16 Threads 16 GB 1 Gbps
All the benefits of SaaS-based solutions

Maintaining and upgrading IT solutions internally results in extra costs. SSM on Demand delivers the same power of on-premises Service Support Manager and Service Request Center—but it’s hosted on the cloud.

  • Seamless upgrades result in fewer disruptions
  • Reduced administration and maintenance costs
  • Configuring vs. coding to match your processes
  • True multi-tenancy that supports IT shared services
  • Scalable infrastructure that matches your growth
  • Predictable costs from month to month
All the benefits of SaaS-based solutions
SaaS delivery of Service Support Manager

Speed up issue delivery while maintaining end-to-end visibility across the service delivery lifecycle. Service Support Manager is a complete IT Service Management (ITSM) solution. It helps you easily configure processes to match the way you deliver services.

Like its on-premises counterpart, SSM on Demand seamlessly integrates with Release Control to help bridge the dev-ops divide.

SaaS delivery of Service Support Manager
Run Service Request Manager on the cloud

As the single point of contact with your IT organization, Service Request Center makes it easy for your customers to browse a rich array of IT and business services, access a knowledge base, quickly submit, track, and approve service requests and monitor service level agreements (SLAs).

SRC on Demand complements SSM on Demand. Together, they form a complete cloud-based ITSM system.

Run Service Request Manager on the cloud
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"The other products that we looked at were too rigid and didn’t offer the level of flexibility we required. Price and deep reporting capabilities also played an important role in our decision—the competition didn’t come close."
Quinn Lanus   /   Director of Technical Services and Operations,  SunGard
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

After integrating ITSM processes, the VA can now make changes in minutes—and it saved 50% on license costs.

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The USA's #1 online rentals site gets agile with Micro Focus Deployment Automation and ITSM.

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