Performance issues strike when your organization is busiest: when your website has hit peak traffic volumes, a new mobile app is launched, or there is an unexpected spike in activity. The competition is just a click away, and to keep users engaged, applications must perform consistently no matter the device, browser, connection speed, or location. Micro Focus Silk Performer® (formerly Borland® Silk Performer) is designed to deliver a consistent user experience anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

  • Efficiently create load tests that reflect real world user behavior, configurations and conditions
  • Quickly isolate and root cause performance issues with powerful diagnostics
  • Assess global readiness with unlimited scalability from the Cloud
  • Validate real time user experience with performance tracking and transaction monitoring
Unlimited scalability from the Cloud

Make user experience the key to your digital front office. Silk Performer load testing ensures your applications are 'battle ready' and can withstand massive, global usage. Easily simulate any size peak-load and avoid costly investments in stress testing hardware and setup.

Validate and monitor user experience with advanced diagnostics

Detect, isolate, and resolve performance issues with effective end-to-end diagnostics. Design scripts to uncover errors from the user’s perspective and analyze results with easy to read visual reporting. Find the root cause of errors before roll-out and monitor user experience and performance trends in production.

Leading web support for load and stress testing

Validate performance of your most complex web applications and efficiently create comprehensive tests that reflect real world conditions and usage patterns. Silk Performer supports all major web environments, including HTML5, AJAX, Responsive Web Design, Adobe’s Flash/Flex, and Microsoft Silverlight.

Comprehensive mobile performance testing

Lower the cost and complexity of testing mobile web and mobile native applications at scale to ensure users have a satisfying experience wherever they are in the world. Silk Performer provides a complete set of profiles for all popular mobile devices, application types, and connection speeds.

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"I believe the browser-driven testing capability is a real key differentiator for Silk Performer. It is certainly helping us in our day-to-day dealings with our customers and their solutions."
Jiři Červenŷ   /   Monitoring and Testing Manager,  Telefónica O2 Business Solutions

Ineffective, manual performance tests yielded incorrect results for the insurance company. To improve performance testing, Baoviet turned to Micro Focus Silk Performer for fully automated performance testing, which improves efficiency and detects errors early.

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Load and stress testing to identify capacity issues associated with high volume of users.

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