Integrated Linux Endpoint Management for Linux Desktops and Servers

Take advantage of integrated discovery, deployment, inventory, packaging, and remote management capabilities for Linux devices.

With a complete range of integrated Linux configuration management capabilities, ZENworks® Configuration Management makes it easy to manage your Windows and Linux devices and servers through the same unified web-based ZENworks console. This includes:

  • Discovery of Linux devices using Secure Shell (SSH).
  • Deployment of the ZENworks Configuration Management Adaptive Agent to Linux devices using SSH, YaST, YUM, or a single file download.
  • Endpoint security reporting service that improves your ability to run and create reports that provide deeper insights into endpoint security policy enforcement.
  • Full inventory capabilities for Linux devices, including a full hardware and package inventory, device change tracking, and the ability to map purchases to installed packages.
  • Linux operating system deployment with full support for the delivery of SUSE® Linux Enterprise and Red Hat Enterprise Linux through either AutoYaST or KickStart. Additional Linux deployment features include:
    • Continued support for Dell PowerEdge server bare metal provisioning via Dell Toolkit integration.
    • Full support for ZENworks system variables within AutoYaST and Kickstart scripts.
    • Improved Linux imaging capabilities for imaging EXT3 and ReiserFS partitions, even within LVM.
  • Package and repository management that allows you to centrally configure, bundle, and control Linux application repositories, packages, and bundles. With these robust capabilities, you can:
    • Graphically configure and schedule subscriptions to external package repositories, including YUM, Red Hat Network (RHN), and ZENworks Linux Management.
    • Deploy packages and files while also performing required configuration tasks using flexible Linux bundles.
    • Centrally configure external repositories using external service policies.
    • Export bundles and bundle groups to YUM format for easy consumption by unmanaged Linux devices on your network.
    • Work with ZENworks Application Windows for Linux, which brings the full power of the Application Launcher to the Linux desktop.
  • Remote management capabilities that make integrated VNC and SSH clients available from within the centralized ZENworks Control Center.
  • Puppet policies that allow you to leverage the configuration management capabilities of the puppet project to configure your devices.